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We wanted to give everyone a huge THANK YOU for all that they did to make Hand in Hand Harvest so...

Hand in Hand Harvest 2015!

Hand in Hand Harvest 2015

Hand in Hand Harvest is a yearly fall event that includes pumpkin painting, coloring Halloween-themed coloring pages, music, dancing, and food. This year there will be chicken fingers and pizza! All are welcome to come, paint a pumpkin, enjoy some food, and dance with the buddies during free period. It’s a fun, autumnal event that gets everyone excited for our main Hand in Hand carnival in April!


We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to Dinoland at Hand in Hand on...

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DinoLand at Hand in Hand

30th Anniversary 2006
Hand-in-Hand is an organization dedicated to raising awareness for people with physical and/or developmental disabilities. We work all year...