Meet our Executive Board

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Carly Montecalvo


Graduation Year: 2019

Major: Digital Media Communications

Hometown: Berwick, PA

SJU Involvements: Carly positioned as AMA VP of Community Service (2015-2016), Alpha Gamma Delta, Foley Fellow for the Beautiful Social Research Collaborative

“Being a part of this organization since my freshman year has provided me with the opportunity to learn, network, problem solve and lead. In my final year, and as the President of this chapter, I hope to leave this organization as both a successful and prominent part of the SJU community and as a nationally recognized chapter.”

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David Lynch

VP of Finance & Membership

Major: Double major in Finance and Financial Planning

Hometown: Springfield, PA

Graduation Year: 2020

SJU Involvement: David is involved with Hawks vs. Cancer, the school bookstore, and VITA program.

“In this role, I hope to keep the club within the budget, and open up membership to more majors.”

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Luke Nicolai

VP of Community Service

Graduation Year: 2020

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Morristown, NJ

 “I hope to grow my personal brand as well as the AMA as a whole”

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Bridget Goodwin

VP of Communications & Advertising

Graduation Year: 2019

Major: Digital Media Communications with a Marketing Minor

Hometown: Bucks County, PA

SJU Involvements: Bridget is involved in Service Learning at the Simpson House, Women's Club Basketball, Active Mind Member

"I hope to take advantage of different resources which I can use to give students the opportunity to network and find their passion through the help of AMA."

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Kristen Marson

VP of Fundraising & Programming

Graduation Year: 2019

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Kennet Square, PA

SJU Involvements: Kristen has been on the executive board since her sophomore year!

"In this new role, I will bring in and build relationships with new and interesting speakers to increase member engagement. I also want to expand our fundraising efforts by working with local businesses and by setting a fundraising goal."

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Teresa Darno

Director of Hawk Hill Communications 

Graduation Year: 2021

Major: Marketing and Theology

Hometown: Easton, PA

SJU Involvements: Tessa is involved in First Year Leadership Team, RCIA Catechist, Crimson and Gray, CLC and APEX! A fun fact about Teresa is that she plays the guitar!

“I hope to help communicate with other organizations at SJU so that the AMA and other clubs can team up for some events and fundraisers, reaching a wider audience at the university. I also want to reach out to local corporations and businesses so that they can come to SJU and speak to and even recruit students.”