"Since freshman year the AMA has provided me countless opportunities of furthering my professional career in the marketing industry. From networking to landing my first internship, I felt prepared to enter the workforce." --Katie O'Brien, member

"The American Marketing Association has done so much for me - post graduation and during school. Between networking, connecting with speakers years later, and talking about things I’ve learned at meetings on interviews, the organization is still so important to me and something I’ve never been more grateful to have been a part of!" --Christina Lampert, former President

"Being a part of AMA has allowed me to develop my professional skills and become more confident in my networking abilities. I would recommend to anyone to join the AMA regardless of their major as I think the benefits can apply to all different career paths." --Angela Yu, former Executive Board member

Benefits of Joining the SJU AMA:


While at SJU:

The AMA chapter at SJU is focused on helping students develop into well-rounded young professionals with events and opportunities such as:

  • Monthly meetings with speakers including industry professionals and career advisors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Leadership positions and corresponding committees
  • Real-world case competition

During your Professional Career:

If you make the most of your membership, the skills you learn will not only give you more confidence when you begin your career but will provide you with a great addition to your resume and help make YOU more marketable! Also, after leaving Saint Joseph’s, collegiate members have the opportunity to transition to a Young Professional membership at a discounted rate.  With that membership, you will have continued access to the resources you found useful as a college student but with a greater emphasis on the new needs you will have as you find your way in the professional world.

National American Marketing Association:

AMA.org is your link to all things marketing and is the official online home of the American Marketing Association. In addition to providing access to member-only marketing content and forums, MarketingPower.com provides members with career management resources including:

  • Internship opportunities for college students
  • Job opportunities when it is time to make the transition from college
  • Expert advice on various topics
  • Marketing boot camps to strengthen skills 

Each and every Hawk should have the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed in the business world and beyond.  SJU AMA is committed to providing its members with the opportunity to explore and achieve the goals they came to Hawk Hill to accomplish.  We are here to see members through from their first handshake to their eventual internship or job offers with advice from industry professionals and access to valuable resources.  Throughout the member’s experience at SJU, the resources that are provided by the AMA will become an integral part of their professional development. Such resources include:

  • Networking events with industry professionals
  • Access to a growing Alumni network
  • Career Development Center presentations
  • Exclusive workshops to enhance students’ personal brands