PepsiCo Presentation 9/15/16


On Thursday, September 15th SJU AMA was pleased to host three PepsiCo employees who presented to our chapter, two of which were SJU alum!


PepsiCo Speakers


Samantha McClernan:

Rutgers Graduate, Marketing Major

Small format district sales leader for Pepsi

Samantha started as a front line sales rep where she physically visited each store. She started out with 125 accounts in Harrisburg, PA!


Katie Rice:

2015 SJU Graduate, Food Marketing Major

Customer Manager for North America Nutrition sector of PepsiCo

After graduating, Katie enrolled in NAN’s 4 year program and relocated to Chicago, Illinois.


Rich Feeney:

2012 SJU Graduate

District Sales Leader in South Jersey for Frito Lay

After leaving his job at Target, Rich took on the role with large front sales, where he visited stores such as Acme and Shoprite



North America Nutrition

North America Nutrition is a segment of Pepsi Co, with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. NAN has a much different sales management strategy when it comes to their sector of PepsiCo. Instead of stocking shelves like other divisions use, which can be quite costly, NAN instead has three models that are adapted for each of their individual products.

  • Warehouse Model
    • Made and shipped to customer’s warehouse, not to be stocked by NAN employees, but by the store’s employees


  • Chilled DSD
    • Products that need to be kept refrigerated are delivered on their individual products trucks to ensure the product is kept fresh


  • Distributors
    • A third party is hired in order to take care of the slower moving products in the divisions line


In North America Nutrition’s program, trainees are committing to a 4-5 year long program where they are placed in a different job and different location each year.


  • Given a route with around 25 stores within it
  • Job is to design the space by refereeing to information on iPad and store data
  • Must be able to talk with store manager in order to sell incremental space


Customer Manager:

  • Manages a brand in NAN
  • Katie Rice is currently in charge of Rice-a-Roni



  • Relocate to work in Headquarters in Illinois
  • Work on a team with senior leaders
  • Strategy or category management


Customer Manager:

  • In the last year of the program trainees revert back to a prior job role
  • This time, they manage more of the bigger brands that are important to the company as a whole



Pepsi/Frito Lay Career Partnership

There are many differences in the training model as an employee of NAN and as an employee of Pepsi or Frito Lay.

Pepsi uses a Direct Store Delivery model, where employees see their clients each day  in order to create a relationship and leverage those relationships when selling.

Within this segment of PepsiCo, there is no set length for a training period, but instead a model where trainees must work from the bottom up, and learn each role before considering a leadership position. This way, that employee earns the respect and has knowledge of the other roles that he would now oversee.


“The moment you feel comfortable with something, they will push you to do something different, so that you are continuing to learn and grow”



Were there any SJU classes that were helpful to you now that you are out in the real world/any that you would recommend to take?

“Business Policy, it was very frustrating, but very applicable to real life” -Katie

“Take some sort of Technology/IT class, because that is quickly where the word is going, there will be no more paper out in the field” –Rich

“Get experience out in the field, it is just as important as taking classes, and be able to speak with people” –Samantha