Soar To Success: Networking Night

The ¬†executive board is so excited to announce the theme for this year’s Marketing Week:

Soar To Success

We have so many fun events planned for the week, so clear off your calendars, and #SoarToSuccess with us! 

We kicked off marketing week this year with a Networking Night on Sunday, October 2nd! Our board welcomed back our chapter’s founding president, Jon Evoy, for a night of reconnecting and networking! The basis for this night was for our members to learn more about our club and how exactly it got started, as well as network with our executive board so we can get to know all of our members!




Jon Evoy is a 2000-2001 graduate of SJU, where he majored in Marketing, was a member of the crew team, and also founded our chapter of the American Marketing Association! When Jon was in school, SJU had a marketing society, and he wanted to both challenge himself and help others, so he founded a national organization for marketing, and thus our chapter of the AMA was born!

Jon had many internships while at SJU, and his first job upon graduation was in sales at PepsiCo. After about two years with the company Jon decided to go back to school, and went to the Miami Ad School in Florida. These experiences aided in his ability to learn and grow as a marketer, which is how he found his current profession as an ad agency strategist for FCB Health in New York.


What do people at ad agencies do?/What is strategic planning? 

Jon says that his job is not to invent stuff, but to reveal stuff, through learning about the different target audiences. He explained that consumers are only statistics, but customers are people, and we must always remember that we are just talking to people, like all of us.


How do you become an ad agency strategist?

Jon Evoy had many internships when he was at SJU, but stressed the importance of networking and being ambitious. Jon embodies this as is shown with the founding of SJU’s AMA.

“Be smart. Be luck. Be at the right place at the right time.”




Our kick off to Marketing Week was a success, and we are so excited to see what #AMAzing things the rest of the week brings! Get ready to #SoarToSuccess