Soar To Success: Sales Panel

On Monday, October 3rd representatives from the Philadelphia 76ers, Aerotek, and Northwestern Mutual joined our members in the Cardinal Foley Center to discuss their company, day to day roles, and answer all of our sales questions!




  • 5 years with company
  • Account management
  • Was recruited from the Maryland area office
  • Advice: be patient, you will learn everything over time



  • 4 years with company



  • Over 5 years with company
  • Handles top accounts-40% of companies revenue


Philadelphia 76ers:


  • 5 years with company
  • Started in sales, then moved to a leadership role
  • In this role she recruits, trains, and develops those hired in sales
  • Started out in DC with the Wizards & Capitals
  • Advice: go somewhere your going to be challenged



  • SJU alum, graduated in 2015, sports marketing major
  • Started as a sales associate, then senior sales associate, currently in an account executive role
  • While on the sales staff he was the #1 in the company
  • Advice: have great time management, be the first in the office, and the last one to leave


Northwestern Mutual:


  • 4 1/2 years with the company
  • Financial advisor
  • Product of internship program¬†
  • Started as a health science major, then education major, then ended up with a business management major with a concentration in finance



  • 10 years with the company
  • SJU alum, graduated in 2008, food marketing major
  • Member of the AMA!
  • Started as an intern for Northwestern Mutual




What do you look for in your sales associates?

76ers: Long term goals in the business/work ethic/coachability/proactive (seek out advice)/involvement in school


Aerotek: Competitive spirit/ involvement/ ability to receive constructive criticism/respect


How do you put your sales reps in a position to succeed?

Aerotek: 13 week training program when you first start/ meet with team twice a day-minimum/after each day will go over what they did and what they could improve


76ers: ‘palms up’ system for receiving feedback/one on one coaching/Wednesday morning training/ ‘Thursday huddles’ for professional development/office hours


Northwestern Mutual: training starts in the interview process/spend time role playing before actually working/ meet with clients beforehand with a mentor/ live on the job & classroom training