On Tuesday, April 11th SJU alum Mike Borelli and his colleague Bonnie Cruice presented about what it is like to work at Vanguard, an investment company headquartered in Malvern, PA. The pair explained the company culture within Vanguard as well as their personal roles. 

Mike Borelli studied International Business and Spanish during his time at SJU, and upon graduation accepted a position with Vanguard where he works in university relations and undergraduate recruiting for the company. 

Originally from South Carolina, Bonnie Cruice is the head of marketing for Vanguard. In college she majored in HR and after her internship with Vanguard accepted a position in their HR and compensation department. Bonnie was more interested in the Marketing side, and was particularly interested to see how she could utilize social media with a brand that is not tangible like Vanguard. Bonnie says she loves marketing at Vanguard for 2 reasons: 

“I believe in the mission, I believe in what vanguard stands for”

“We aren’t just selling products we are changing lives” 

Now, Bonnie works on more of the creative strategy for advertising, and is excited for Vanguard’s new ad campaign that will be released in July/August!


Vanguard is in 12 countries with their headquarters in Malvern, PA. The company was founded in 1975 with 47 crew members (employees), and in 2016 now has 15,000 crew members. Both Mike and Bonnie focused on the internal relationship Vanguard has with its clients, saying that they always do what is best for who they are working with, as they are not trying to make money off of them but rather for them.

Vanguard’s integrity is present in their 3 C’s that they focus on as a company: Clients, Crew, Community. The benefits that are associated with working for Vanguard are endless as Mike shared to our members. One feature that is present for employees to take advantage of is the Crew Resource Groups which allow members with common perspectives to come together and focus on trust, respect, and fairness. This is just one way that individuals form meaningful relationships across the organization. 

Vanguard has many opportunities available for college students to take advantage of. They offer explore days for Freshman & Sophomores, have a corporate internship program for Juniors, and look to seniors for full time opportunities right out of college. 


What ‘soft skills’ do you look for in a potential employee?

  • communication skills 
  • professional presence 
  • able to communicate why they are interested in Vanguard
  • able to articulate the Vanguard mission 

What kind of degrees does Vanguard look for?

  • open to all majors
  • diverse majors within the company are useful to the company’s growth

What mediums does Vanguard use for Marketing?

  • Facebook is main platform
  • do more paid content advertising now

How many entry level positions does Vanguard offer?

  • 2,017 this past recruiting period