Fatmata Sakho '21

Major: Biology

Minor: English

Her goal for the club is to ensure that commuters are seen as a respected group on campus. She wants commuters to feel like they have a voice on campus, and she hopes to host many events to accommodate commuters. She is excited to build relationships with other commuters and hopes to bridge the gap between resident and commuter students.


Vice President

Sierra Long '21

Major: Communications

Minor: Film, Art History

She hopes to bring on a program that supports getting aid for non-driving commuters and their matters of transportation. She also hopes to connect commuter students to all of the resources available on campus.



Long Huynh '21

Major: Biology

Minor: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

His goal for the club is to create a more inclusive campus for commuter students. One of his contributions to the club is the Freshmen Commuter Integration Program. He hopes that with this program, freshmen commuters can be better informed of the resources available to students at SJU. He also hopes that he'll be able to integrate commuters and residential students better.

DSC_1038 (2)


Elizabeth Le '21

Major: Accounting, Business Intelligence & Analytics

She hopes to unify both residential and commuting students by having various events. Not to mention, with the position she holds, she wants to host and have affordable events to increase engagement with the commuters. She is so excited to meet other commuting students.



Makiah Stephens '22

Major: Communications

She hopes to allow a space for commuters to receive the best of their college experience by publishing events and the organization's value. Additionally, she hopes to bridge the gap between commuter and residential students. She cannot wait to meet and embark on this journey with her fellow commuters!



Elisa Mejia '23

Major: Marketing