Zeta Pi Elects New Exec Board; 2017-2018

This past week, our Zeta Pi chapter held a secret ballot of our executive positions for the upcoming school year. After our proceedings, the following people will be taking their position starting with the upcoming year. Congratulations to our new exec board members!

President:  Morgan Rose

Senior VP:  Billy McAllister

Chancellor: Jackie Barrett

VP Chapter Operations:  Michael Kovalchik

VP Pledge Education:  Annie Hosler

VP Finance:  Mike DiRienzo 

VP Professional:  Jake Milligan

VP Community Service:  Clare Hegarty

VP Scholarship & Awards: Maggie McGuire 

VP Fundraising: Thomas Stoll

VP Marketing: Michelle Magarity 

Social Chairs: Derrek Bui & Kyle Spotts 

VP Alumni Relations:  Marissa Dias

Historian: Tara McBride


Zeta Pi Hosts Third Annual Casey Doolin 5K

This past weekend, brothers Jackie Pignataro and Paige Norris led the charge by organizing and carrying out our chapters third annual Celebrate Casey 5K. The run featured over 100 runners, and over forty volunteers helping raise money for the Casey Doolin Foundation in memory of Casey Doolin, a brother of Delta Sigma Pi whose impact on our Saint Joseph’s campus can still be felt today.

The 5K featured a laps around our Sweeney Field track, two laps running through our campus, and finishing on Sweeney Field.

Also a shout-out to Michelle Magarity, Jackie Barrett, Anne Donnelly, and Michael Tenney for helping with the organization of the event!

2017 Race Results

Casey Doolin Memorial

Casey’s Army Website

(L-R) Paige Norris and Jackie Pignataro were the main organizers of the event!

Congratulations to our February Brother of the Month, Morgan Rose!

Congratulations to our February Brother of the Month, junior Morgan Rose! Morgan is studying abroad in London, England for the Spring 2017 semester and still contributes to our fraternity through her involvement with the Faculty Initiate Team and the Relay for Life team.

Morgan designed the shirts that our Zeta Pi chapter will be wearing to Relay for Life next Friday here at our Saint Joseph’s campus.

Congratulations Morgan! Read below to learn a little more about our brother of the month.

1. Class? 

2. Major?
I am a marketing major!

3. When did you pledge DSP? 
Spring 2016 – Alpha Gamma Pledge Class

4. What is your favorite thing about being in DSP? 
My favorite thing about being in DSP is all the incredible people I have met because of my involvement with the organization.  Pledging DSP made SJU feel like home, and truly made my collegiate experience more enjoyable.  I feel so lucky to have a group of people that support, inspire, and motivate me to achieve my goals and help me set new ones!

5. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be? 
If I could meet anyone, I would love to meet Marcus Lemonis! He has a TV show on CNBC called The Profit, where he invests in failing businesses and helps them achieve success.  He has an incredibly unique take on business, and has exceptional leadership skills, and as a result, I truly admire him as a business leader.  I would also love to meet Kate Middleton because she’s awesome!

6. What is your favorite DSP memory? 
My favorite DSP memory is meeting my pledge class for the first time.  I was so excited to begin the pledge process, and meet the people who would go through that experience with me.  Its crazy to think that a year ago, I did not know any of those people, and now they are some of my closest friends.  DSP has brought so many wonderful people into my life, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a brother in this fraternity!

7. Fun Fact? 
One time at work, I almost spilled wine on Anne Hathaway!

8. Words to live by: 
Turn your worries into prayers

9. Dream job? 
My dream job is to work in the marketing department of a luxury, fashion brand.  I think it would be amazing to work for Burberry one day!

On behalf of the Zeta pi chapter, thank you for all that you do Morgan! 

Zeta Pi Hosts Fifth Annual Alumni Brunch on 3/25

This past weekend on Saturday, March 25th, our chapter hosted our fifth annual Alumni Brunch at the Manayunk Brewing Company. Over 80 people registered, including current brothers, alumni, and family members.

At the event, President Kevin O’Donnell spoke on some of the events that our chapter has held this year including our team for Relay for Life, our Casey 5K, our event with the Flyers, and others that make our fraternity special.

Senior Liz Picca, our chancellor, gave a speech about her growth within the chapter and how she has learned what it means to be a part of the fraternity. She cited how when she came to school she was decided on Pharmaceutical Marketing, and how her brotherhood in DSP has led her to a resume she is proud of and confidence to get her “foot in the door” of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our chapter raffled off five gift baskets to people who donated at the alumni brunch. These baskets included a free soul cycle class, workout snacks, adult beverages, two AMC movie tickets, snacks, Phillies field level tickets and more!

A huge shout-out and thank you to sophomore, Megan Baker, and junior, Kelly Comiskey for organizing the event as our alumni relation co-chairs. They did an excellent job!

(L-R) Brothers Megan Baker and Kelly Comiskey

5th Annual Alumni Brunch set for March 25th; The River Club at Manayunk Brewery

Our Zeta Pi chapter has scheduled our Fifth Annual Alumni Brunch for this March 25th, at the River Club at Manayunk Brewery.  The event has drastically grown from its first year,  and we look forward to the turnout in March.  This event is a perfect time for brothers – past and present – to come out, share stories about their experiences with DSP, and grow the brotherhood!

Families of brothers are encouraged to come and join in the fraternal fun as there will be good food and drinks, as well as an opportunity to learn about our events and the fraternity as a whole!  We will also be hosting a raffle where there will be plenty of prizes.  Please share our brunch information so we can hold another successful alumni brunch!  Details can be found below:

Saturday, March 25th, 2017 from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
4120 Main Street  Philadelphia, PA  19127
$40 per person Please RSVP by March 20th

For further details surrounding the event, please reach out to one of our two co-chairs of alumni relations!

Link to PayPal sign up: Sign up for 5th Alumni Brunch 

Kelly Comiskey; kc620978@sju.edu
Megan Baker; mb641845@sju.edu

Congratulations to our November Brother of the Month, Jackie Barrett!

Congratulations to sophomore brother, Jackie Barrett, on winning our Zeta Pi chapter’s Brother of the Month!  Jackie spear-headed a dodgeball tournament on Sunday, December 4th that featured music, ten competitive teams in a bracket, and raised $280.25 for the Casey Doolin foundation.

We would also like to thank freshman, Anne Donnelly, and sophomore, Thomas Stoll, for their dedication to the dodgeball tournament as well!

Between being one of the leaders for the dodgeball tournament, baking cookies to raise money for the tournament, and her always uplifting and positive energy, Jackie was well-deserving of this award.


Congratulations Jackie!

Read below to learn a little bit more about our brother of the month!

1. Class? 

2. Major?

3. When did you pledge DSP? 
Spring 2016

4. What is your favorite thing about being in DSP? 
This organization is full of so much love and support and everyone is seen as an equal.

5. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be? 
Walt Disney

6. What is your favorite DSP memory? 
Going to my first chapter meeting as a brother and feeling so welcomed.

7. Fun Fact? 
I’m afraid of milk.

8. Words to live by: 
Be kind.  Be genuine.  Be passionate.

9. Dream job? 
Working for Google.

Zeta Pi Welcomes 18 New Brothers

This past Friday on December 2, 2016, our Zeta Pi chapter had the pleasure to formally initiate eighteen new brothers to our fraternity!  This group was comprised of freshmen and sophomores, making up the Alpha Delta class for the Fall 2016 semester.

We would like to congratulate the following freshmen:  Michael Kovalchik, Kyle Johnson, Jessica Logue, Christopher Copeck, Michael DiRienzo, Sarah Waro, Marissa Dias, Anne Donnelly, Michael Tenney, Tyler Pham, Matthew Francisci, Dominic Meliado, Dante Galletta, and Jeffrey Hunt.

We would also like to congratulate the following sophomores:  Rosalie Walton, Molly Espinosa, Rory Houston, and Scott Powell.

We are all very proud of you!  A special thank you to senior brother Timothy West for all of his hard work and dedication towards the pledging process for these new brothers.

The newly initiated pledge class following the ceremony!  The following are pictured left to right:   (F) Michael DiRienzo, (F) Michael Kovalchik, (So) Rosalie Walton, (F) Kyle Johnson, (F) Jessica Logue, (F) Christopher Copeck, (F) Sarah Waro, (F) Marissa Dias, (So) Molly Espinosa, (F) Jeffrey Hunt, (F) Anne Donnelly, (F) Michael Tenney, (S) Timothy West, (So) Rory Houston, (F) Tyler Pham, (F) Matthew Francisci, (F) Dominic Meliado.   Not pictured:  (F)Dante Galletta, (So) Scott Powell,
The newly initiated pledge class following the ceremony! The following are pictured left to right: (F) Michael DiRienzo, (F) Michael Kovalchik, (So) Rosalie Walton, (F) Kyle Johnson, (F) Jessica Logue, (F) Christopher Copeck, (F) Sarah Waro, (F) Marissa Dias, (So) Molly Espinosa, (F) Jeffrey Hunt, (F) Anne Donnelly, (F) Michael Tenney, (S) Timothy West, (So) Rory Houston, (F) Tyler Pham, (F) Matthew Francisci, (F) Dominic Meliado.
Not pictured: (F) Dante Galletta, (So) Scott Powell,

Zeta Pi Night with the Philadelphia Flyers

On Sunday November 28th, 26 of our Zeta Pi brothers caravanned to south Philadelphia to join the raging sea of orange and black to cheer on the hometown hockey favorite, the Philadelphia Flyers. Plastered in a variety of gear from retro jerseys to snow hats, the brothers bonded over an exciting game of Flyers hockey. Although the current match-up of the Calgary Flames was entertaining, the brothers still managed to keep business their main priority as they engaged in a professional event with Flyers’ executives prior to the game.

Most of our brothers that attended the trip, posing just outside the Wells Fargo Center.


Looking to expand their knowledge about the business side of sports, our brothers listened to advice and experiences from four Philadelphia Flyer’s executives. The executives shared a wealth of information due to their array of positions which included Senior Manager Client Development, Premium Membership Services, NBC Sports Regional Network Digital Sales Manager, and Account Executive.

After the professional segment of the night, it was game time for the brothers. With the smell of Chickies and Pete’s crab fries and freshly prepared cheesesteaks filling the air, the brothers found their way to their seats. Packed with excitement, the stadium constantly erupted as the brothers cheered the Flyers to a five to three victory. The night was filled with laughter, smiles, and brother bonding, especially as they danced their way onto the fan cam. The brothers will like to send a huge thank you to James Darlington, Matt Lantieri, Nicole Mellbye, and John Kramer for hosting such a great event.

Written by: Kyle Spotts

We would also like to thank juniors Kyle Spotts and Derrek Bui for their dedication and commitment to making this event happen!  Thank you brothers!  



Congratulations to our October Brother of the Month, Derrek Bui!

Junior Derrek Bui has been voted our October brother of the month!  His organization of a professional event with the Philadelphia Flyers gave many an opportunity to listen to Flyer’s executives speak, as well as see a Flyers game!  His ever-positive energy and his love for the brotherhood always bring good to our fraternity, and his efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Congratulations Derrek!


Read below to learn a little about our brother of the month, Derrek Bui!

1. Class
2. Major
Business Intelligence
3. When did you pledge DSP?
Fall 2015
4. What is your favorite thing about DSP?
My favorite thing about being in DSP has to be the friends that I’ve made.
5. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be? 
Steve Irwin, what a dude
6. What is your favorite DSP memory?
My favorite memory, hands down, is our spring 2016 “Bro-B-Q”
7. Fun fact?
In 4th grade, I lost the spelling bee because I spelled “receipt” correctly, but the word was reseat (like reseating someone into a new seat). I regret not asking for the definition to this day.
8. Words to live by?
If you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful
9. Dream job?
Being in a band and going on tour

Congratulations to our September Brother of the Month, Alli DelGrippo!

        Senior Alli DelGrippo led a team of Zeta Pi brothers in the creation, organization, and implementation of our Eastern Regional Conference on October 15th, 2016 here at Saint Joseph’s University.  As the leader of this event with 80 attendees and multiple chapters from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Alli was voted our September brother of the month.
         The conference allows chapters to discuss their chapters organization, encourages leadership and professional development, and brings together Delta Sigma Pi chapters from the area, building a stronger brotherhood.
 Congrats Alli!
Interview with Alli DelGrippo:
1. Class
2. Major
Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability and Marketing
3.  When did you pledge DSP?
Fall 2013
4.  What is your favorite thing about being in DSP?
The people – my people. I’ve never known Saint Joe’s without DSP (I pledged when I was a first semester freshman!), and I’ve just never felt as at home in a space like I am when I’m in MV 107 with bros (now 103, I guess). Emily Walsh (’15) said it best during her senior sendoff – “I’ve never smiled harder, laughed harder, or cried harder than I have in MV 107”. And that is so true – regardless of what room we’re in or not.
5. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be?
Brandon Stanton – he’s the Humans of New York photographer. His work has made me fall in love with so many people and stories and opened my perspective so much. It’s also really encouraged me to reach out and ask questions and be open to the meaningful conversations that could even stem from just complimenting someone on their shoes.
6. What is your favorite DSP memory?
Hmm, honestly I think it’s always changing. DSP has given me my favorite people, and with that, one experience, or moment with them, more often than not becomes the most favorite for that time. A PNM actually asked me this question in his interview for DSP, and I had a really hard time explaining because that day, it was that I had gotten to know Tara (McBride) better than I had before in interviewing with her. And that changes with every event and chapter meeting, or sometimes even when we all hangout in the library together. Overall though – you can’t beat the feeling of having PNMs pinned or new brothers initiated – everyone’s just so excited to add to our family.
7. Fun Fact?
I was named after a hurricane! When I was born, people were literally canoeing around my town because of Hurricane Allison’s flooding. I’m not sure if this is necessarily the most phenomenal claim-to-fame, but hey – here we are.
8. Words to live by: 

“Define yourself by what you love – express your passion for things you love. Be demonstrative and generous in your praise of those you admire. Send thank-you cards and give standing ovations. Be pro-stuff, not just anti-stuff.” – Tim Minchin

It’s from my favorite commencement speech – so funny and so grounding.

9. Dream Job? 
Ooooh, no doubt teaching college-level management in a program like the LEO one! And managing my own coffee shop when I’m not.