Cooking and Serving with Cathedral Kitchen

Cooking and Serving with Cathedral Kitchen

On Friday, November 9th, Saint Joe’s had their basketball season (double header) opener game. In addition to this exciting news, Delta Sigma Pi volunteered beforehand at Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, New Jersey. I, Sarah Schisler, had the opportunity to serve alongside Brothers Anne Donnelly, Megan Filipski, Tara McBride, and VPCS Sarah Waro.

We split up into different groups and tasks to do. I was paired with Tara, and we served water and coffee to the guests. Megan and Sarah W. were in the kitchen preparing the meals of salad, beef stew, rice, and a biscuit, while Anne wrapped up the “take home” meals.


The guests were so kind and appreciative of our time and help. A quote on Cathedral Kitchen wall read, “Never worry about numbers, help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you” -Mother Teresa. I personally felt connected to this because you can really start a change in a community with just one person and the rest will eventually follow. Cathedral Kitchen has been serving those in need since 1976. It was such a great and meaningful service event to be a part of. “Chef” and all the other volunteers were very welcoming and made it a positive environment for everyone.  I am very excited to return to help serve meals this spring semester and hope that more brothers will join!


Sarah Schisler ’21