Name: Michael Welde

Year: Freshman, Class of 2022

Major: Finance

Hometown: Newton, PA

Big: Michael Kovalchik 

Why did you rush Delta Sigma Pi? 

I saw opportunity for growth through this fraternity.

What are you hoping to get our of the pledging process? 

I want to be more outgoing, and hope to build a relationship with all pledges and as many current Dsp members as possible. I want to help my pledge class by providing ideas for our events. By doing so I get to learn how others think in certain situations, and they get to see how I handle certain situations. All in all, our process of thinking will improve from these observations/idea sharing. I want to improve my time management over this pledging process through completing forms early, getting hw done so I can go to the majority of events, and studying for the weekly exams ahead of time and not the day before/day of the exam.

Fun Fact: I am an artist. I love to oil paint.

Dream Job: A finance job in a company (company tbd), and I would like to paint on the side at my own leisure and sell them.