The Zeta Pi Chapter hosts this philanthropic event once a year to bring together our school community in support of a fellow Hawk. All proceeds of the event will benefit the Casey E. Doolin Foundation, as the event is in remembrance of Casey's life. Please consider supporting our event through participating in the tournament or by individual donation!


  • Each game is played to 11 points.
  • The score will be kept by one member of each team
    • 2 pt. FG’s are worth ONE point
    • 3 pt. FG’s are worth TWO points
  • Each game will start with a member of each team shooting the ball OR playing rock-paper scissors and alternating possession will be played on jump balls
  • At the beginning of the game, after each made basket or violation, the ball must be checked-in at the top of the key
  • There will not be official referees or scorekeepers. Players on each of the teams are responsible for calling their own games.  All basketball rules (travels, fouls, out of bound….etc.) are in effect. After the game please report the score to whoever is running the event
  • There are no foul shots. Therefore, each foul called is a possession foul and will be checked up at the top of the key if called.
    • There are no 'And-1’s'.  So if the ball goes in, the foul is negated and the ball goes to other team.

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Stay tuned for details regarding this event for the 2017-2018 school year.