Operation Tampon

Cura Personalis. Period.

What is Operation Tampon?

Operation Tampon supplies free pads and tampons in bathrooms across the Hawk Hill campus. This campus-wide initiative was started in 2020 by HawkHUB’s and the Women’s Leadership Initiative.

What bathrooms have supplies?

Current locations: Barbelin Hall, Campion Student Center, Post Learning Commons, Mandeville Hall, Merion Hall, and in the Women’s Center.

Not sure what to look for? Look for HawkHUB’s bins on the sinks and counters!

Why was Operation Tampon created?

Operation Tampon was created to ensure that any student, faculty member, or staff member has access to free and convenient pads and tampons across campus.

Access to period products is essential to ensuring the basic needs of our campus community are being met and to ensure that the Jesuit ideal of “Cura Personalis,” or care of the whole person, is the lived experience for anyone who menstruates on campus.

How can I help?

Operation Tampon is fully funded by donations, so we need your help!

You can support Operation Tampon by refilling any empty Operation Tampon bins you see around campus, donating to HawkHUB’s Venmo account, or even alerting us if one of our baskets around campus is empty.

Any contribution helps to continuing the mission of HawkHUB and Operation Tampon!