Cultural Events

Over the past years, the marketplace for businesses has increased from domestic, face-to-face markets to a marketplace of endless possibility in infinite locations due to rapid growth in technology and relations between countries. Consumers on both ends of the spectrum are benefitting from this international exchange as they now have products from all around the world at the disposal. In order for International Business to successfully take place, one must be aware of the cultural norms, imperatives, and faux pas of the other culture. Things that are considered to be well-mannered or polite in one country may be interpreted as an impolite or disrespectful gesture. Something as simple as a basic understanding of another culture’s business practices may be the different between success and failure for a company.


The International Business Society at Saint Joseph’s University is SJU’s premier international organization as it provides students with the opportunity to explore various cultures through cultural events while also building connections with classmates and upperclassmen who share the same international interest. With a variety of events ranging from guest speakers, etiquette courses, and a student mentor program, IB majors and minors are sure to gain valuable and relevant information that will more than likely be useful to students down the road. Due to the requirements and constraints of the academic curriculum, students are often limited to what they are able to study within their four year degree program. Members of SJU’s IBS will be able to get a brief taste of countries and cultures that they might have interest in but were unable to explore in the classroom. Through the mentor program, incoming students will be paired with an upperclassmen who possess similar interests in order to help the incoming students with any questions related to courses, study abroad, or internships. As far as organization events, guest speakers will include international professors, alumni who are involved in an international field, as well as other professionals involved in international business. Their priceless information around an array of subjects can only be found through SJU’s IBS. In addition, members will have various opportunities to connect with the international students at SJU through social and business focused events.