A Message from the President

Hello Potential New Members!

As President of the Panhellenic Council, it my pleasure to welcome you to Primary Recruitment on behalf of the Saint Joseph’s University Greek Community. This journey that you are beginning may lead you to some of the best and most rewarding experiences of your college career. Congratulations on making the first step! Over the next few weeks, each of you may find your place in one of our five incredible chapters. Each chapter is filled with unique and welcoming women that cannot wait to meet you.


You will soon see that each chapter here on campus holds values that are paralleled throughout the Saint Joseph’s University community at large. Being part of sorority life will strengthen these values and perhaps bring out passions of yours that will only continue to grow throughout your time here. As a university who takes pride in our Values Based Recruitment process, keep in mind what you hold near and dear to your heart, who you are as a person, and essentially what you are looking for in a group of women. If you stay true to yourself, your conversations over the next few weeks will be reflected in the chapter that aligns closest with your goals to grow as a woman in philanthropy, leadership, and sisterhood.


Thinking back to my recruitment experience as a Potential New Member (PNM), I didn’t know what to expect. But among all of the nervousness and countless conversations with sorority women, I am so fortunate to have found a group of women I could call my sisters. My greatest hope is that you will find this too.

            Luckily, each of you will be placed in a group headed by one of our amazing Recruitment Counselors. These women are outstanding members of the Greek Community who want to aid you in meeting each chapter and “finding your home” here on campus as you will come to hear many sorority women say. They are here to answer any of your questions, ease your nerves, and support your decisions through the process. But ultimately, the choice is yours. Be confident. Listen to yourself. And best of luck to all of you as you begin to explore what it means to Go Greek!

Olivia Heisterkamp,

Panhellenic President 2018

A graphic of a shield laden with ferns and a downward pointing sword is surrounded by a banner reading, "National Panhellenic Council," and is topped by an oil lamp. Above reads, "great women" with correlates to the below, "go Greek." All the lines are written in a pinkish-purple hue against a white background.

Executive Board


Alaina Boccino

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Major: Communication Studies and Art

Fun Fact: I was part of an Eagles Football advertisement.

Favorite Aspect of Greek Life: Greek Life at SJU has allowed me to meet so many people that I would have otherwise never crossed paths with - both inside and outside of my own sorority.

One Word to Describe You: Empathic

VP of Recruitment

Gianna Gesauldo

Hometown: Mount Royal, NJ

Major: Biology Minor: accounting

Fun Fact: I have a summer job where  I work with people from over 15 different countries.

Favorite Aspect of Greek Life: all of the different opportunities that Greek life gives you to get involved and also grow as a person.

One Word to Describe You: ambitious

VP of Programming and Education

Natalia Tronto

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Major: Food Marketing and LEO

Fun Fact: New Years Resolution is to run a half marathon and (possibly a full!).

Favorite Aspect of Greek Life: The family structure of a sorority!

One Word To Describe You: vivacious

VP of Communication

Emma Herrmann

Hometown: Chadds Ford, PA

Major: Accounting and Finance

Fun Fact: I use to be a former professional ballet dancer with the First State Ballet Theatre Company.

Favorite Aspect of Greek Life: My favorite aspect of Greek Life is having the opportunity to develop leadership skills. In addition to meeting inspiring, supportive, and caring women who I would have never meant if not apart from Greek Life.

One Word to Describe You: Passionate

VP of Finance

Amanda Papadopoulos

Hometown: Midland Park, NJ

Major: Accounting and Business Intelligence

Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with bulldogs and horses.

Favorite Aspect of Greek Life: My favorite aspect of Greek life is being a part of a large organization on campus filled with powerful women who push each other to excel in everything they do.

One Word to Describe You: Determined


Sarah Jonsson

Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ

Major: Managing Human Capital and LEO

Fun Fact: I️ went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

Favorite Aspect of Greek Life: all of the people I️ have had the opportunity to meet.

One Word to Describe You: Honest


Alpha Gamma Delta

Gabby Gorman

Alpha Omicron Pi

Kristen Babich

Alpha Phi

Alaina Boccino

Phi Sigma Sigma

Julianne Hester

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Tani Stellmon

Nat Mariotti

Our Chapters


Alpha Gamma Delta is an organization in which diverse individuals with a variety of interests and styles come together under a common purpose.  As members of one of the largest Greek organizations on campus, we feel that our unity comes from out strong ties of friendship, which is a major aspect of our purpose.  We focus many efforts on our philanthropy, the Alpha Gamma Delta foundation which supports Diabetes Research and Awareness.  Our main event of the year is our Fall Fashion Show.  We look forward to meeting you and hope that you feel welcome to ask any questions concerning campus activities, community service, sisterhood activities, scholarship, social events, etc.
Alpha Gamma Delta is more than a sorority, more than an extracurricular activity. It is a sisterhood, a way of life. AGD is a community of women with the goal of developing themselves more fully and enabling their sisters to do the same. The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta are diverse. They come from different backgrounds, have very different personalities and interests, and are a part of many different organizations and efforts on campus. However, it is this uniqueness of each of the sisters that has made Alpha Gamma Delta the well- rounded and much respected group of women that it is.

Their efforts do not go unnoticed, as Alpha Gamma Delta has been awarded Greek chapter of the year for 2002 and 2003 and was named Saint Joseph’s best organization on campus in Spring 2003. Alpha Gamma Delta also has a strong dedication to philanthropy, as their Fall Fashion Show raises several thousands of dollars for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which benefits juvenile diabetes research. The sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta are eager to meet you, and look forward to sharing this recruitment experience with you.


National Founding Date: May 30, 1904 at Syracuse University

Local Founding Date: Februrary 7, 1987

Colors: Red, Buff, and Green

Jewel: Pearl

Flowers: Red and Buff Roses

Symbol: Squirrel

Nickname: AGD

Motto: Live with Purpose

Philanthropy: Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

Signature SJU Programs: Fall Fashion Show, Swings For a Cure, and Mac Attack


Alpha Omicron Pi is not just a sorority; it is a place to call home, a place to find a friend, and a place to be you.  We are inspired and committed to developing leaders, encouraging innovation and creativity, striving for academic excellence, and bettering ourselves and the community through philanthropic activities — and, of course, having the time of our lives!
From our many sisterhood activities and socials to our community service efforts and scholarship events, there is never a dull moment in AOII. We take special pride in our annual fall fundraiser, “Strike Out Arthritis,” a kickball tournament benefiting arthritis research. Great cause, great fun, and great friends!  The sisters of AOII also enjoy participating in other Greek and community fundraiser events, as well as hold many leadership positions and key roles in other campus organizations.  There is no question that no matter where you are at SJU, you will always see a familiar face.
Alpha Omicron Pi’s greatest strength is our sisters… unique as individuals, yet bound together by the common bond of friendship.  AOII encourages each sister to recognize and exude her uniqueness and develop her individual talents and differences with the love and support of her sisters.  The sisters of AOII will always remember the collegiate experience as a time of fun and excitement, best friends, and sisterhood that will last a lifetime.  We are so excited to meet you and share our sisterhood with you!


National Founding Date: January 2, 1987 at Barnard College at Columbia University

Local Founding Date: 2005

Colors: Cardinal

Jewel: Ruby

Flowers: Jacqueminot Rose

Symbol: Panda

Nickname: AOII

Motto: Exceed the Expectation

Philanthropy: Juvenile Arthritis Research Foundation

Signature SJU Programs: Strike Out Arthritis, Jingle Bell Hawk, and Sisters for Soldiers


Alpha Phi is filled with energetic, elegant, and exceptional women. Our chapter is the largest on campus and has a great reputation of down to earth girls who know how to have a lot of fun. Our girls are involved in activities all over campus including many student leadership positions, service organizations, as well as honors societies and associations. Having girls involved and doing well all over campus gives a great network to all of our sisters, a unique opportunity that Alpha Phi has to offer.

At the core of Alpha Phi is our philanthropy. Our philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation, which donates funds to cardiac care. In order to raise money for this cause, we hold three philanthropy events a year. One of our most important events that is near and dear to all of our hearts is our annual Red Dress Gala, which is held at the Hyatt at the Bellevue, nestled right in the City of Brotherly Love. This Gala is an incredible event involving our sisters, past and present, and also our friends and family, who help raise money for our foundation with a dinner-dance benefit. In the fall is our annual flag football tournament. This event is held all day and features teams made up of students facing off all day in a traditional tournament style. There is always good music, food, and good friends. In the spring we hold "Cardiac Arrest,” where we handcuff SJU celebs who have to "make their bail" to get out of their cuffs! In order to raise money for their bail there are carnival-like booths featuring food and games which students participate in for a small fee. Both events are a lot of fun and end up allowing us to make generous donations to our foundation.

Our sisters are also actively involved in community service activities throughout the year. We provide help to many local organizations and events including the Philadelphia Heart Walk, Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania, and the Kidney Walk. Alpha Phi opens so many doors for service work and philanthropy, making it an amazing opportunity that is difficult to pass up.
Another reason Alpha Phi is such an amazing organization is the lifelong friends you will make. Going to mixers, date parties, and formals is just the start of the crazy and amazing fun we have as sisters. Alpha Phi consists of a captivating group of women who together form an environment that celebrates the ideals of friendship, caring and respect. Our strong bond of sisterhood thrives on developing leadership skills, excelling academically, having fun and forming relationships that last for a lifetime. We are proud to be Alpha Phi!


National Founding Date: October 10, 1872 at Syracuse University

Local Founding Date: Februrary 2, 1991

Colors: Silver and Bordeaux

Flowers: Lilly of the Valley, Forget-me-not, and the Ivy Leaf

Symbol: Bear and Ivy Leaf

Nickname: A-Phi, Phi Bears

Motto: Union Hand in Hand

Philanthropy: Alpha Phi Foundation

Signature SJU Program: Red Dress Gala, Laugh Your Heart Out, and Phi Ball


Sigma Sigma Sigma is a close-knit group of sisters where each woman finds herself an intricate part of a group, not lost in a crowd.  Every woman has a special role within the chapter and is encouraged to take part in other campus activities. From our earliest days, we seek out others to accompany us on our journey. There will be many acquaintances as we travel along our path. Among them will be found some with whom we feel a special bond…a rapport to be welcomed and nurtured. There may be one or two…there may be a hundred.

Is it any wonder then, that eight young women, away from home and family, found each other and began their journey in friendship? They stepped out on a path from Farmville, Virginia in 1898, sharing a special bond as friends who regarded each other as sisters. They reached out to others who joined them on the journey. Together, they established a sisterhood called Sigma Sigma Sigma. We find friends within the bonds of Tri Sigma. We regard these friends as sisters. We enter into a state of being Sisters. We are a Sisterhood.

Tri Sigma’s calendar is always full.  We sponsor campus wide events such as the Bunny Bash, an Easter party for underprivileged children, Mr.SJU, a male beauty pageant.  We also support many campus-wide activities such as the Hand-In-Hand Festival, and Up ‘til Dawn.  Many plans are already in the making for this semester.  In Tri Sigma, you are not a sister for just a month, a semester, or a year, but for life.  The bonds of friendship that you make in Sigma Sigma Sigma are forever.


National Founding Date: April 20, 1988 at Longwood College

Local Founding Date: November 18, 1983

Colors: Royal Purple and White

Jewel: Pearl

Flower: Violet

Symbol: Sailboat

Nickname: Sigma

Motto: Faithful Unto Death

Philanthropy: Robbie Page Memorial Foundation (Play Therapy)

Signature SJU Programs: Run for Robbie, Girl's Group


Phi Sigma Sigma is the youngest sorority on Saint Joseph's University Campus. Phi Sigma Sigma is a proud, strong member of the Greek community because our Founders were leaders of their time, who developed a mission to perpetuate the advancement of womanhood. They believed that women of different faiths could come together and work toward common goals. They established the ideals that endure today and are upheld by Phi Sigma Sigma collegians and alumnae bound by the strength of sisterhood. Our Founders charted the course for milestones that have enabled Phi Sigma Sigma to prosper. Membership in Phi Sigma Sigma remains a lifelong, meaningful experience for women with like values. Phi Sigma Sigma has shaped the priorities of its sisters throughout the decades. Our sisterhood and love for Phi Sigma Sigma bind us together and encourage us to always work toward our twin ideals. Today, Phi Sigma Sigma maintains 108 healthy, active collegiate chapters in the United State and Canada and has more the 70,000 members worldwide.The sorority's core values are lifelong learning, inclusiveness, and leadership through service, and Phi Sigma Sigma strives to Aim High. The sisters of Phi Sigma Sigma are eager to meet you, and look forward to sharing this recruitment experience with you!


National Founding Date: November 26, 1913 at Hunter College

Local Founding Date: February 2014

Colors: King Blue and Gold

Jewel: Sapphire

Flowers: American Beauty Rose

Symbol: Sphinx

Nickname: Phi Sig

Motto: Aim High

Philanthropy: Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation (Underprivileged women who cannot afford an education)

Signature SJU Programs: Mother Daughter Tea, Aim High for Academics