Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar: Dr. Dava Newman

SJU’s PBK Chapter is pleased to welcome Dr. Dava Newman, the Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics at MIT and a Harvard—MIT Health, Sciences, and Technology faculty member. She will be on campus November 14th & 15th. She will be giving the following presentations (both open to the public):

  • Wednesday, November 14th @ 3:30pm – Physics Department Seminar (Science Center 300)
    TOPIC: Human Explorations from Earth to Mars: Becoming Interplanetary


  • Thursday, November 15th @ 11:00am – Free Period.  Public Lecture (5th Floor McShain)
    TOPIC: Exploring Space for Earth: Earth’s Vital Signs Revealed


In addition, she will be visiting SJU’s McNulty ScholarsIf you are interested in meeting Dr. Newman or joining her for a PBK lunch, please contact our PBK President, Dr. Joseph Corabi (