After receiving and accepting a bid, you are one step closer towards joining the Brotherhood! The Initiation Program is an opportunity for you and the Brothers to assess whether or not Phi Sigma Pi is the right organization for you. To reach your full potential as a Brother, you must have a thorough understanding of our organization and a solid grasp of the principles upon which we were founded.


My initiation process was great! At first, I was a bit apprehensive just because the whole experience was so new, but that was short lived because everyone in the fraternity was so warm and welcoming. My big, Amelia, is the absolute best. She helped me through every step from running for a position in my initiate class to studying for the quizzes to helping me manage PSP obligations with everything else I had going on last semester. The entire process has also already enabled me to develop many leadership and team building skills. I am very grateful to have gone through this process and could not have imagined a better experience.

Abigail Hegarty '19

Becoming a brother of Phi Sigma Pi was one of the most reward experiences in my life so far. The initiate process offers the chance to learn the importance of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship as well as see those pillars of the fraternity acted out between brothers and initiates alike. And my big and my initiate class helped me in learning how those pillars and the legacy of Phi Sigma Pi become part of who each brother is. Through my experiences rushing and learning about the fraternity with the help of my brothers, I met so many amazing people and found a new family for myself at Saint Joe's."

Nicholas Crouse '18

Pinning Ceremony

This ceremony serves as the commencement of your Initiation Program. It signifies the end of the recruitment period and your formal commitment to join Phi Sigma Pi.

Initiation Program

For about six weeks, you work with your Initiate Advisor and Big Brother to learn our history, the Greek alphabet, and other important information. As both fun and study mix, you attend meetings and plan events with your fellow Initiates. This process is meant to be the longest and most challenging part of being a Brother, but it prepares every Initiate for active Brotherhood.

Initiation Ceremony

After successful completion of the Initiation Program, and a final vote from the Brotherhood, you are inducted as a Brother of Phi Sigma Pi and sign our chapter roll book.

If you have any questions concerning the Initiation Program, feel free to contact our Initiate Advisor:

Katie Swanson
Initiate Advisor