Hear from our very own Brothers why you should rush!

"With school being pretty much all virtual, it's hard to connect with friends. Rushing PSP gave me events to look forward to and people to support me through a tough semester!" 

Olivia DeSanto '23



"You should rush PSP because you will find some of best and kindest people on this campus that will make your 4 years at college the best 🙂 #fellowship"

Courtney Marzano '16

12189037_10208189600120531_6030734897943099206_n "For me, PSP has made a huge impact on my development as a well-rounded person and has informed me of the many wonderful things that my Brothers are passionate about, both on campus and in the greater world. I will also treasure the times that I have spent together with Brothers. If I hadn’t taken that risk and rushed, I probably would not have met any of them. I enjoy getting to know these incredible individuals who inspire me to do my best at all things that excite me."

Mark De Leon '17

"Rushing Phi Sigma Pi was honestly the best decision I've made in my college career....Throughout my time as a brother, I have built a strong community of support in all my endeavors, including my academic and professional pursuits, but also have people who will support me in low points in my life and times of need. PSP is unlike anything I have seen because we truly accept everyone for who they are inside and out, and I encourage you to rush to discover the joy and love I have for Phi Sigma Pi!"

Kimmie Wodzanowski '17

12633602_10205637598048158_1998843692767726137_o "Phi Sigma Pi has become like a second family to me. You learn together, grow together, and develop beautiful relationships that will last a lifetime. "

Georgeann Lombertino '18

"PSP is an amazing group of individuals who come from all walks of life on campus. I had no ideal how great our brotherhood was until I became a brother myself. Rushing as a freshman was something that was at first intimidating but, the brothers at that time made me feel at home. Now, I am very proud to be able to call them my family. If you want to be a part of a group of people who are intelligent, motivated and possess amazing leadership qualities then look no further than Phi Sigma Pi."

Max Barrile '18

12697225_10205669906775856_9065260515707944948_o "To put it simply, rushing PSP changed my life. I would not be the student, the friend, or the person that I am today if I did not rush PSP. The people in PSP have shaped my life in countless ways. They inspire me every single day to do more, to think actively, and to live passionately. By rushing PSP, you will find a second home full of laughter and happiness on Hawk Hill. Rushing PSP was one of the best decisions of my life, so I highly encourage you to rush...it might just change your life for the better!"

Marisa Egan '18

"In PSP, no brother quite fits a mold. Our ideals unite us, but everyone finds their own way to live them out. As a result, we have a community of devoted brothers that celebrates and respects everyone's individuality. I consider it a blessing to be a part of such a welcoming group."

Matt Slavoski '17