Nick Breitmayer & Nicholas Senatore

Wake Up With Cyclone & Senny (Saturdays at 1pm) [IN LIMBO]

Cyclone and Senny attempt to co-host a variety show, but leave the door open for a variety of "fictitious" friends. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for you, these bizzarre individuals end up taking control of the show. Listen in and Wake Up With Cyclone and Senny!

Allison Smith, Leah Greenstein, & Kerry Dowd

Plateaus 👽 (Tuesdays at 7pm)

Just some chill girls fighting gender norms and exposing conspiracies while listening to some dope tunes.

Alexanne Marousis

The Surly Mermaid (Tuesdays at 3pm)

An eclectic mix of smooth and sexy lo-fi and chill hop, new age samples, classic rock, and anything else she chooses. Requests are accepted!


Nick Mandarano

Hawk Talk

Hawk Talk is a timeless sports show that features exclusive interviews in an attempt to discover the best stories in sports history.

Major Crawford

Major Life Line (Fridays at 7pm & 10pm)

Talk show with music and a wide variety of special events, including special guest appearances, talent showcases, contests, and more.

Will Russell

Coming to You Live (Fridays at 6pm)

Coming to You Live is the premier radio show to get your weekend started. Radio 1851's finest disk jockey, DJ Thrill, spins the decks with the hottest EDM music out there.

Sean Maliga & Alex Gill

Nerd Alert (Fridays at 5pm)

Tune in Fridays for an action packed hour of superheroes, sci-fi, contests, game shows, special guests, and more! A show where all things geek are welcome!


Joey Trudo

Late Night Love Talk with Joey T. (Mondays at 10pm)

Listen and learn from THE most charismatic hawk on campus, Joey Trudo. If you need advice on how to spice up your love life, make sure to tune in! Call in for one on one pointers from the professional, or if you just want to hear some tunes to get you in the right mood.

Chris Fastiggi & Chris DeFlitch

Chris Squared Radio (Thursdays at 5pm)

"Chris Squared Radio" brings you the best indie rock jams from Philadelphia and beyond. We're here to Make America Emo Again... even if we disagree on what that means.


Jake Madeson

Rockin' the Hawk (Mondays & Sundays at 8pm)

Since listening to classic rock before he could talk, Jake Madeson has been eager to share his favorite music with the Radio 1851 listeners. Make sure to tune in to this Junior's 1-hour block of classic rock twice every week. You can expect to hear plenty of Pink Floyd, Beatles, Zeppelin, Billy Joel, and more.


David Hummel

Dave's Corner (Fridays at 9pm)

A variety talk show about whatever comes into my mind. All topics are welcome. This is a show where everyone and anyone can talk equally.

Brian Flatley

Midweek Break (Wednesdays at 9pm)

Tune in for relaxing music to help relieve that pent up stress from your work week. Guests pop in every now and again.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.19.08 PM

Sophia Mirza

Sophia's Vibes (Tuedays at 6pm)

Tune in for Sophia's Vibes to go behind the scenes of SJU and hear some dope music along the way. Hip pop, R&B with Beyoncé and Nicki of course! Join Sophia as she confess her most intimate thoughts while discussing pop culture and other trending topics.

Noah Henderson & George Frattara

The Night Hawk (Tuesdays at 9pm)

Every Tuesday night, listen in for your favorite late night talk show about anything and everything.


Doug Brooks & Patrick McCarry

Doug Down the Middle (8pm on Thursdays)

Tune-in to Doug Down the Middle (w/ Pat) to receive down-the-middle advice about ANY and ALL things. All responses will be unbiased in order to give you the best advice you have ever received. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, call in at 610-660-1098 and be prepared to be humbled. Also, the music is good 😉


Joseph McGill & John Ziglar

JXJ BackNForth (Wednesdays at 4pm)

A show regarding nerd culture, along with heated and invigorating debates regarding said culture.


David Goglia & Rory Houston

Tall & Small Fantasy Live (Sundays at 12pm)

All you need to know about fantasy football, right before the game! Hope you made some wise picks...


Skylarsaurus Rex

Mr. Libby's Art Room (Tuesdays at 2pm)

Constantly discovering new forms of art whether it be music or traditional forms of creating! Inspired by the one and only Mr. Libby who taught me about good music and good art.  Hopefully you'll hear something you've never heard before 🙂


Alex Sammarco

An Hour with Alex (Mondays at 9pm)

Tune into an hour with Alex, a chill guy, and talk about sports and a multitude of other topics. Feel free to call in and ask him questions or even state your opinion on anything.


Tony Morelli & Rory Houston

Tony's Takes (Wednesdays at 6pm)

Tony’s Takes is a leader in providing an in depth break down of basketball topics. Tune in to hear Tony and Rory go at breaking down plays, trades, and everything in-between. Call in to voice your opinion with Tony and Rory!


Shannon Nichols, Bernadette Crehan, & Maggie McGill

Radio Time (Thursdays at 4pm)

Listen in for the music catalogue of your DJs, Shannon and Bernadette, consisting of a collection of alternative, indie, pop, rock and more.

Booth Cropped

Jordan Booth

The Booth Review (Mondays at 12pm)

A sports radio talk show that covers every sport from the collegiate and professional level, intending to learn as much about the industry as possible. It is intended to cover any trending news in the sports world, incite thought provoking topics, and deliver the audience thoughts on them.

Sam Britt

The SB60 (Thursdays at 6pm)

SB60 is a sports talk show that focuses on the latest news and stories from the sports world, covering the 4 major sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) and college sports as well. Sports opinions are combined with humor and pop culture references for a unique hour on Radio 1851.

160922-linkedin-351 - Vince Morency

DJ Donny B

Trending Now (Wednesdays at 5pm)

Talking about trends both on and off campus!

Tom Cellucci

Tom's Throwbacks (Wednesdays at 10am)

Tune in for your favorite throwbacks, like "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, along with trending news headlines regarding sports.


John Lutz

Rambling Sports (Wednesdays at 3pm)

A conversation style sports show that keeps content fresh and new while covering all relevant sports stories throughout the week. Guests appearances by sport experts.


Noah, Jordan, & Asa

Ear to the Streets (Tuesdays at 8pm)

Covering everything Hip-Hop & Rap, from the mainstream Lil Uzi Vert's to the Camden come ups like Mir Fontane to the local heroes, like NxG.


Allen R. Smith

Philly Talk with Allen R. Smith (Mondays at 2pm)

This show plays music from the great music of today and the classics from yesterday through many genres. When music is not on, everything from politics to sports is discussed with a primary focus on the Philly area.


Brett Tillotson

The Roost (Mondays at 7pm)

Late night talk and music channel with an open and inviting style. Guests will be invited often to shoot the breeze in a nice casual atmosphere.


Brent Sullivan & Connor Quealy

The Late Afternoon Radio Hour (Tuesdays at 5pm)

Take the afternoons to tune in for music and talk about events at SJU, student life, and current events in the news.


Patrick Vasas & Colin Lake

PC Sports Talk (Mondays at 1pm)

A sports radio show repping the City of Brotherly Love and its sports teams.


Alex Martin & Liv Schargel

Waking Up With Alex & Liv (Mondays at 11am)

Wake up and laugh with Alex and Liv and listen to some uplifting tunes!

Kevin Gfeller

Gfeller Radio (Wednesdays at 7pm)

Gfeller Radio discusses the latest in sports news. From the NFL to the NBA and more, Gfeller Radio talks about players, contracts, game outcomes and more. Every show ends with a 20 min session of new music from artists you may or may not have heard of!


Matt & Matt

Matts' Radio (Sundays at 6pm)

A show where one can listen to music, hear occasional discussions about the industry, send in calls for song suggestions, and just have a good ol' time.


Nate Tracy & Jeremy Campbell

Brothers and Coworkers (Thursday at 9pm)

Revolutionary discussions of television shows and movies, along with their streaming services, characters, and prestige.


Mark Bernstiel

Alternative Sound (Sundays at 9pm)

A show that lets anyone and everyone discover a wide variety of music and ENHANCE their tastes!


Patrick Kennedy

Pop Culture with PK (Wednesdays at 10pm)

Your weekly plug for pop culture, celebrity news, and sports updates.


Chris Eckstrom

Don't Get Me Started with Chris Eckstrom (Saturdays at 11am)

John Yurkoski & Brent Sullivan

Hawk Hill Hoop Talk (Thursdays at 7pm)


Chris Lazzarotti, Matt Migdon, and Joe Marinari

4th and Long (Mondays at 5pm)


Matt DeLeo & Mark Frantz

The Ultimate Sports Show (Wednesdays at 8pm)


Dominic Santanasto

Daytime with Dom (Fridays at 10am)


Ryan Hartnett

Primetime (Mondays at 3pm)