Will Russell

Thrill Radio (Fridays at 6pm)

This radio show showcases the best of progressive, electro, and big room EDM. Every week, Will brings the "Thrill" music that is energetic, upbeat, and thriving.

Msquared - Matt Barrett

Matt Barrett & Matt Hennessy

Matt² (Sundays at 8pm)

Two dudes listening to their own jams and any other jams that people want to call in and request. They may talk about the songs they listen to, they may not. They may even talk about something random. Just whatever floats their goats.

Will Einstein

Good Vibrations (Tuesdays at 1pm)

Good Vibrations is all about music from the 60s and 70s, maybe some late 50s music. It is all about having a good time and to listen to some great songs. Hear songs from the 60s and 70s that you never heard before or heard but have forgotten. Good Vibrations will also, from time to time, talk about sports, mainly Basketball. Listen to Good Vibrations If you want to hear some amazing songs, turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream!

Ian Asaph

Cosmos Rockin (Mondays at 1pm)

Join on in for a chilled out and (mostly) mellow music time with Ian, a certified lover of several decades of rock and metal. His favorites are varied, including Black Sabbath, Queen, The Doors, Deep Purple, Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Rainbow, Uriah Heep, and Judas Priest, and he promises to let his audience enjoy a banging good time with listening along to music as well as trivia about each artist to pop up every now and then.


Skylarsaurus Rex

Mr. Libby's Art Room (Wednesdays at 6pm)

Trying to discover the connections of art and music and learning something new along the way. This show finds unique music that people haven't heard, but gets them thinking about the possibilities around them.

Angelique Frazier

Evening Stereo Selection (Wednesdays at 5pm)

Hear tracks from classic rock, soft rock, and throwbacks to alternative, soul, and top 40. A portion of each weeks tracks will be based around a common theme. Guess the category brought to you by your host, Angelique. Tune in every Wednesday at 5pm to expand your music catalog. Call in for occasional requests!

Alex Martin & Olivia Schargel

Waking Up with Alex & Liv (Tuesdays at 11am)

Just two best friends who love jamming to music and sharing new finds! While listening to our show, you will be introduced to artists and songs that are on the up and coming. At the same time we are always down for an oldie, but a goodie classic!

Tom Cellucci

Tom's Throwbacks (Mondays at 3pm)

Tune in for your favorite throwbacks, like "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, along with trending news headlines regarding sports.

DJ Roammixer

Roam Rock (Wednesdays at 8pm)

Tons of songs including the top of DJ Roammixer's favorites, which include rock songs, as well as a mix of others as well. Genres include electronic, hip hop, funk, and reggae. It could basically go a lot of places.

Maddie Jones

Make America Emo Again (Tuesdays at 8pm)

Listen to all of the music that you haven't heard yet, unless you have. Listening to this show will expand your music taste so far that you become that friend that likes bands so obscure that not even the kid who calls himself "emo" listens to them. Maddie's music taste is very broad. She can pull relatively good songs from most popular genres, even country. She usually sticks to alternative music, though, including indie and pop punk, but most importantly emo trap music.

Silvino Alexander & Noah McMahon

88 Keys (Fridays at 5pm)

Dope music, quality conversation, and good times are what you can expect from the 88 Keys. Co-host Show and Noah are here to engage you with a variety songs that will most definitely stick in the back of your mind. Trust them, this show is not something you want to miss. How could you not be tuning in to 88 Keys?

Luke Rogers

Oldies with Luke (Tuesdays at 3pm)

Oldies with Luke centers around music from the 60's,70's, and 80's. Genres include Classic Rock, Motown, Classic R&B and Soul, and just general greatest hits from this area of music. Tune in for a "this day in music" segment where you can learn about various musically and historically related events that happened on any given day!

Alex Seese

Synthesia (Fridays at 8pm)

Listen to all the popular songs of today, and then afterwards listen to them played on the piano by online music artists. This show will play through a variety of music genres before being "synthesized" into piano music.

Rachel Cosgriff

The Plug (Thursdays at 4pm)

All different types of music, for all different types of people. Music that you both know and love and will grow to love. After all, music is one of the best things in any kind of situation!



Patrick "PK" Kennedy

Pop Kulture with PK (Wednesdays at 10pm)

Comin' at you live from Hawk Hill with all the latest in pop culture news, DIY tips, and all around hot-mess-ness!

Major Crawford

Major Life Line (Fridays at 7pm)

Talk show with music and a wide variety of special events, including special guest appearances, talent showcases, contests, and more.

Sophia Mirza and ‎Annabelle O'Reilly

Clickbait (Mondays at 5pm)

Both ridiculous and funny, Sophia and Annabelle clickbait everyone and everything! It’s all about the day-to-day situations 20-somethings college students deal with... from dating to being completely broke to experiencing a “year of yes.” Check them out!




Joseph McGill & John Ziglar

JXJ BackNForth (Wednesdays at 3pm)

A show regarding nerd culture, along with heated and invigorating debates regarding said culture.

IMG_6427 - Connor Quealy

Brent Sullivan & Connor Quealy

Late Afternoon Radio Hour (Mondays at 6pm)

A variety talk show about whatever comes into my mind. All topics are welcome. This is a show where everyone and anyone can talk equally.

Nate Tracy & Jeremy Campbell

Brothers & Coworkers (Tuesdays at 6pm)

A talk show about the lives and college experiences of all brothers and coworkers involved. Every episode provides an update on what’s going on in the world and how they deal with it all. The brother's love to give advice and start discussions, creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone. Call in!

Far From Over - Claudia Weldon

Elana Valentin & Rose Weldon

Far From Over w/ Elana & Rose (Saturdays at 11am)

Seniors Elana Valentin and Rose Weldon have seen a lot, and are now passing along their eclectic experiences, knowledge and wisdom to you! Their last year is far from over, so pull up a chair and tune in to the crazy stories and wild debates these ladies have in store.

Joey Trudo

Late Night Love Talk with Joey T. (Tuesdays at 9pm)

Listen and learn from THE most charismatic hawk on campus, Joey Trudo. If you need advice on how to spice up your love life, make sure to tune in! Call in for one on one pointers from the professional, or if you just want to hear some tunes to get you in the right mood.

radio logo - Vince Morency

DJ Dingo

TalkTunes (Mondays at 9pm)

This show is half tunes and half talk show. The tunes will focus on soothing R&B while the buzz will be on the other end and promote thought.

IMG_3322 - Princeton Audio Video

Robert Curley & Cassie Jarzyna

Spill the Tea with Robbie and Cassie (Wednesdays at 9pm)

Here to bring you an hour of good music and update you on pop culture news. They'll talk about award shows, new album/single releases, social media feuds between celebs, and much more! In addition, they will have contests giving away free high-quality speakers, so be sure to listen every week!

Philly Talk Logo - Allen Smith

Allen R. Smith

Philly Talk w/ Allen R. Smith (Mondays at 11am)

Philly Talk is a very informative show about local sports, news, and politics while also playing some great music. Philly Talk has all the latest info on the local teams and what is happening just off of Hawk Hill. Philly Talk also discusses national sports and news in-between the great music and local news.

800px_COLOURBOX8286971 - Anna Kalafatis

Anna Kalafatis & Lara Guerrini

Oops! (Mondays at 7pm)

On their show, Anna and Lara will be discussing topics such as advice, food, movies, fitness, and any other basic thing you can think of. They will frequently have guests that they will ask their most embarrassing and uncomfortable questions to. Think of them as two YouTubers that are too lazy to edit video.
Anna's Instagram
Lara's Instragram

20180713_173525 - Liam Majewski

Liam Majewski

Campus Conversations (Thursdays at 9pm)

A variety show consisting of conversations and dialogues regarding current events, news, sports, entertainment, film, and music.

film-1081666__340 - Edouard Daou

Eddie Daou

Talking FLIXtion (Wednesdays at 7pm, Sundays at 1pm)

A talk show that discusses new releases in the world of film, television, and comic books. Guests will discuss with the host, Eddie, reviewing new Netflix releases, that week's comic books, new movies in theaters, and more.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 3.52.13 PM - Allison Mcbryan

Ally McBryan & Bridget Fay

HawkoTalko (Thursdays at 12pm)

Your two favorite quirky girls from this side of Philly discuss everything from boy trouble, to philosophical debacles, to what the heck is going on with the Kardashians. They might even play music. Lemonade Mouth throwbacks, anyone? The dynamic duo of Hawko Talko will be your go-to entertainment here on Hawk Hill.

IMG_2933 - Erin Taddei

Pat Taddei

Villy Philly (Saturdays at 1pm)

A music and talk show where everything is covered from music to sports to movies to TV shows. A Philadelphia based NYC morning talk show!


Sam Britt & Will Rietzke

The SB60 ft. Will Rietzke (Thursdays at 7pm)

SB60 is a sports talk show that focuses on the latest news and stories from the sports world, covering the four major sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey) and college sports, as well. Sports opinions are combined with humor and pop culture references for a unique hour on Radio 1851.
Sam's Twitter
Will's Twitter

basketball-20clip-20art-9i4eR8k9T - Brent Sullivan

Brent Sullivan

Hawk Hill Hoop Talk (Thursdays at 8pm)

Sports talk show primarily focused on the NBA and college basketball discussing news, stats, and topics in the sports world.

Stephen O'Malley

The LOD Show (Mondays at 8pm & Thursdays at 6pm)

This sports radio show talks about all the buzzing topics & controversies in Philly sports, from recapping the Eagles Super Bowl win, to venting about the Sixers not getting LeBron, and even dabbling into what the Phightins are doing on Broad, and if this really is the Flyers year.


Mark Franz & Matt DeLeo

The Ultimate Sports Show (Tuesdays at 7pm)

The Ultimate Sports Show is a sports show between a New Orleans and a New Yorker fan in Philly. They talk about all the trending sports topics, but ESPECIALLY Eagles, Sixers, Phillies; and have quite a fun time debating!

college_football - Kevin Gfeller

Kevin Gfeller

Gfeller Radio (Wednesdays at 4pm)

The latest in sports and music. A focus on primarily the latest news in the NFL and NBA, as well as some fantasy advice. Every show ends with the latest hits in music, along with some new artists.


Tony Morelli & Rory Houston

Tony's Takes (Tuesdays at 9am & Thursdays at 5pm)

This in depth NBA talk show covers all things in professional basketball. From breaking down plays, to talking trades and overall team strategy. Tony and Rory, one a 76ers fan the other a knicks fan, are not afraid to bring their takes to the table in this caller driven show.

Roc Jocks Promo - Max Zaller

Max Zaller & Noah Caruso

Rock Jocks (Tuesdays at 6pm)

Week in review of all things sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, Fantasy Football, etc.). The show includes call ins and thoughts on big games, with alternative rock music from various artists!

Nick Hugh

Nick Hughes

The Philly FANatic (Thursdays at 11am)

A Philly sports talk show WITH a fan FOR fans. Nick is here to talk about the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers and anything surrounding the four teams. Time to talk about the frustrations and joys of daily life as Philadelphia sports fan!
SixersSaturdays Cropped

Jimmy Hutchinson & Rob Young

Sixers Saturdays (Saturdays at 3pm)

Talk show discussing the Sixers and anything else that comes up!

65059261 - Charles Scalies

Charles Scalies & Matthew Ferry

Chuck's Chat (Fridays at 4pm)

This avid Philly fan will be talking mostly Eagles football and Sixers basketball. This show will also consist of all things pertaining to the NBA and the NFL discussing relevant news, topics, and predictions for the remainder of the seasons. There will be frequent discussion of the college football landscape, specifically Notre Dame and Penn State football, as well as college basketball. The college basketball topics will mostly include our Saint Joseph’s Hawks and the Villanova Wildcats. The show will also produce a nice mix of pop culture with sports talk, in the same type of model as Colin Cowherd and Pardon My Take.