Caitlin Gillard


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Caitlin Gillard is a freshman Communications major at SJU. She’s from Alexandria, VA, outside of Washington, D.C. Caitlin enjoys a variety of music including pop, alternative, and indie, but she will always have a special place in her heart for Boy Bands.

Wake Up with Cyclone Breitmayer

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Nick “Cyclone” Breitmayer, a freshman Food Marketing major, hosts this early-morning variety program. His co-host is Nicholas Senatore, who unfortunately leaves the radio door open for a variety of fictitious friends. The show focuses mainly on news, weather, satire, and a mix of pop and rock music. The purpose of his show is to supplement coffee or exercise by kicking off the day with other early risers on campus (especially those who elect to take 8am classes and now regret it!). So listen in to Wake Up with Cyclone Breitmayer!

Classic Rock Hour

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Nicole and Alexanne are cohosts of “THE Classic Rock Hour!” Named so because it is in fact THE best 🙂 They play everything from Bowie and the Beatles to Floyd and CCR. Lately they’ve come to terms with not limiting themselves to definitive classic rock. Who doesn’t love the Killers now and then?! They’ve had guest performers such as Sean Smith and Charlie Gallagher and hope to have more. Along with the music, they reminisce about high school (both are Alums of Villa Joseph Marie), give frequent shout outs to loyal listeners, and genuinely have a good time. This semester the show runs Mondays 11PM to Midnight and Tuesday 8-9PM. Tune in and have fun!

Alternative Route

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.22.48 PMHello from (the West side of) Philadelphia. More specifically, Saint Joseph’s University. We are Jessica Melusky and Hannah Snyder… just two sophomore girls majoring in Political Science and Sociology respectively, exceeding everyone’s expectations in well, basically everything. Living life listening to great music and rolling in to some bangin’ concerts has been nice, but we are looking for something more. So, we have decided to bless you, the public, with our impeccable taste in music. Get ready for a show full of alternative music hits, some banter, a few technical errors, and whatever else we know will help you reach our level of cool. You’re welcome. Bless Up.


Vivian Milan

Vivian Milan can be a little shy, a bit strange and a little manic (#Blink-182). She’s also excited to start start another year of her radio show, Into the Airwaves! Visivan’s radio show is mostly music (rap, hip-hop, rock, and pop-punk) but she does share some fun facts about the songs she plays.As part of her show, Vivian has a different theme every week. You can listen to her show every Thursday at 8pm! Follow her on twitter @Oblivivian

TJ Stackhouse and Chris Fastiggi


The Steege and Stack Morning/Afternoon Show – The Steege and Stack Morning/Afternoon Show features the greatest alternative music you don’t hear everyday. Radio hosts Chris Fastiggi and TJ Stackhouse have been friends since high school and their witty banter will always keep you entertained. The show keeps its listeners up to date on nearby concerts, current events in the music and film world, and general day-to-day shenanigans.  Tune in Thursdays at 11am to listen!

Kelsey Haberin and Christy Selagy

Wednesday 1-2pm

The Girls Room – She’s Kelsey and she’s popular and that’s Christy so you better watch out! The Amanda Show really could have used these two. Every Wednesday from 1-2pm this dynamic duo covers whatever they please: there will always be witty banter, random fun facts that make you think about life, reading scenes from scripts and paying tribute to Jon Stewart. So when you want an hour break to listen to two hilarious girls chat and play their favorite indie music you know where to find them. Twitter:@girlsroom1851

Jon Lemanski and Patrick Vasas


The Jon and Pat Show – Jon Lemanski and Patrick Vasas host a sports talk show ranging from a variety of different sports, mainly focusing on whatever is big at the time. While they mainly focus on the four main sports of basketball, baseball, football and hockey, they are open to discussing whatever sport is brought up, even squash for example.  Both are freshmen who plan on possibly having a career in sports talk radio or sports reporting when they get older.  Be sure to tune in to Radio 1851 on Fridays from 2-3pm to listen to this fast paced, informative and entertaining show!

Emma Seely and Amber Denham


Above Average Hearing – Above Average Hearing streamsWednesdays from 11am-12pm. Each week features a uniquely themed playlist including many different genres of music ranging from alternative to pop to rock. Amber is a freshman English major from Exton, PA. In her spare time she enjoys jammin’ out to LIGHTS, twenty one pilots and Fitz and the Tantrums. The best concert Amber has ever been to was seeing (and meeting) her musical hero LIGHTS this past year at the TLA in Philadelphia. She was even able to have LIGHTS write out Amber’s favorite lyrics for her, which she hopes to later immortalize as a tattoo. Emma is a freshman Psychology major from Baltimore, MD. When she’s feeling musical she listens to Jukebox the Ghost, Jack’s Mannequin and Frank Turner. The best concert Emma has ever been to was Jukebox the Ghost at Union Transfer, also in Philadelphia. After an incredible show, she was able to meet (and even hug) the band that has greatly impacted her life since middle school. She is still proud of the fact that she did not pass out from the sheer magnitude of this moment. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@AAH1851) and Instagram! Fun fact: Emma and Amber were at each other’s favorite concerts, which happened to be one day apart! This fact is almost too cute to handle…

Dom Santanasto


Daytime with Dom – Daytime with Dom is a weekly sports talk show with Dom Santanasto. It is intended to be a fun show with weekly segments and discussion of on-field events.