What is R.E.P.P?

REPP Hotline: 610 – 733 – 9650

Our purpose: to help survivors of sexual assault and physical/emotional abuse in the SJU community. They can be survivors of stranger, date or acquaintance rape; attempted rape or sexual assault; physical abuse, or emotional abuse in a relationship.

Who are we?R.E.P.P. is a group of women and men who have undergone intensive training as rape crisis counselors and are here to help you. We are a group of concerned volunteers and we have been trained to counsel survivors of violence and their friends and relatives. We are organized to help women and men who have experienced sexual assault, physical/ emotional abuse or are impacted by their friend’s or loved one’s experiences. R.E.P.P. is available to support the students, faculty and staff of SJU. R.E.P.P. is available 24 hours a day. All crisis calls are handled anonymously. Names of survivors are never revealed-even to another R.E.P.P. volunteer. All information is confidential.

“Break the Silence ~ End the Violence.”

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