To the Student Senate,

On Thursday afternoon the Board of Trustees approved the new Mission Statement for Saint Joseph’s University. I want to
thank the Student Senators and all the students who participated in the process. Some 600 students responded to a survey and
more than 800 students, faculty, administrators, staff, Board members and Jesuits were involved in the year long process. It is:

As Philadelphia’s Jesuit Catholic University, Saint Joseph’s provides a rigorous student-centered education rooted in the liberal
arts. We prepare students for personal excellence, professional success, and engaged citizenship. Striving to be an inclusive
and diverse community that educates and cares for the whole person, we encourage and model lifelong commitment to critical
thinking, ethical decision-making, social justice, and finding God in all things.”

I also want to update you on the discussion regarding enrollment at last week’s Board of Trustees meeting. First, let me thank
the Senate president, Nick Paolizzi, for representing the Senate before the Board. I know the Trustees truly appreciated
hearing from Nick and they commended him on his commitment to and passion for SJU.

Concerning your resolution, The Board and I are committed to continuing Saint Joseph’s commitment to academic excellence.
The discussion regarding the size of the Class of 2018 is part of a larger conversation about the long-term sustainability and
success of Saint Joseph’s. That conversation will continue to take place in meetings in the near future among faculty, students,
administrators and, in some cases, Board members.

At last week’s meeting, the Board directed the administration to focus on the academic profile of a student and her or his
likelihood to succeed at SJU. The Board reiterated the necessity to maintain the academic quality of incoming students. We
are encouraged by real-time data suggesting admit rates for the Class of 2018 will not be as high as initially reported and that
the profile of those high school seniors already admitted is nearly identical to prior years.

Thank you for your passion for our University and your representation of your fellow students. I look forward to our ongoing
conversations and joining with you to preserve the Saint Joseph’s experience for generations to come.


Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie, S.J. ’72



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