Welcome from President Mullin

Welcome! We are glad that you have taken the time to visit the official website of the Saint
Joseph's University Student Senate (USS). The Senate serves to advocate with and for student
interests on Hawk Hill. We must ensure that faculty, staff, and administrators never forget that
students drive the university’s efforts and should be taken into consideration at every step of the
journey. Our Jesuit, Catholic mission calls us towards continual improvement, never content
with where we stand in the present.

Please continue to explore this website to see and hear about all the we have done and plan to do
well into the future. Your input and feedback will only serve to strengthen these efforts, making
them more responsive to student desires. Make sure to connect with specific senators if you have
ideas about their roles within the Senate. Still, we are one body and any one of us is more than
happy to hear what you have to say.

As Senate President, I am personally called to ensure that we do not lose sight of any student at
Saint Joseph’s University. We as a Senate must pull the margins towards the center, provide
meaningful feedback and suggestions to administrators, and develop a climate that allows you to
grow into the best person that you can possibly be. I am confident that each member of the
Senate joins me in these efforts. We serve you.

Speak up. Reach out. Challenge others. We as a Senate, and as an entire campus community,
function best when students are willing to step outside of their comfort zones and voice their
opinions. Let us know how we can help on this journey. Conversation is the first step towards
action that makes a sizable impact. We look forward to these conversations.

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