Sexual Health Initiative:

Angelo d' Antonio-Bertagnolli, Hanna Neece

This initiative began with the creation of a Health and Wellness Chair position after a lack of communication between the Senate and campus institutions related to student well-being was identified. After an overflow of complaints about the sexual health resources available to students on campus, a Resolution regarding the state of sexual health services on campus was drafted and passed unanimously in the 16th University Student Senate. This resolution highlighted SJU's commitment to cura personalis and urged the University to create a committee tasked with re-examining the sexual health resources available to students. The committee was formed and it includes faculty from CAPS, the Student Health Center, Residence Life, the Office for Inclusion and Diversity, the Faculty Senate, Student Outreach and Support, Campus Ministry, and two USS members: Speaker Angelo d'Antonio-Bertagnolli (committee co-Chair, Health and Wellness Chair ) and Senator Hanna Neece (Library Chair). The committee is currently seeking to complete its charge of delivering a formal recommendation to upper administration before the end of the Spring 2017 semester.

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