Dear prospective member,

Welcome you to the Capital Markets Club at St. Joseph’s University! The purpose of this club is to become a renowned club within the Saint Joseph’s University Haub School of Business Community by offering a premier, student led business magazine that promotes student involvement and celebrates university sponsored activities.

We, the Capital Markets Club Board of Directors, are committed to bringing you a premier, student led business journal of Saint Joseph’s University that will not only be informative, but also riveting and simply enjoyable to read.

The City Avenue Journal (CAJ) will include a wide array of student-written articles such as business news, student involvement, and career advice from. The Capital Markets Club encourages participation from any member of the SJU community.

Remember, not only will you get to be part of an engaging and multifaceted business journal, but also you will be able to use this club as a strong resume-booster. Trust us, employers want to hire students who have strong writing skills!

We invite you to consider being part of this opportunity. Please reach out to cityavejournal@gmail.com with any questions.


The SJU Capital Markets Club Board of Directors


Dominic Santanasto

Robert Jankiewicz

Patrick Fennell

Charles Grimley

Patrick Michael