Community Service


A community service event.

sponsored by:
The Wall Street Trading Room & The Finance Society

March 31, 2013    2:00pm – 5:30pm

“Ultimately, Business Day serves as a foundation for young elementary school students to think proactively about their future.”        – Jim McCue ’11

A new part of the Finance Society this year will be participating in a day of community service. This year we will be going to the Girard School in Philadelphia to work with middle school children in their after school program called “Dream Camp.”

The afternoon will consist of:

  • Business Attire Activity
  • What to carry in a Briefcase
  • Proper Communication Skills
  • Resume Building
  • Mock Interviews

This event is very important to middle school children because many of them will interview with high schools and for part-time jobs within the next two years.

This event will be on March 31st.

Please consider taking part in this event. It is a good way to stay active in our Society, not to mention a good resume booster.

If you are interested in a leadership position in the Finance Society and would like to co-chair this event, please email with your intent.

Any questions? Email

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