Apply for the Executive Board!


Please send  to Lauren Eltringham at by January 30th, 2017.

If you would like the Word Document please email

Name: ____________________________                     Graduation Year: _________________

Major: ______________________________                  Minor: _____________________________

Phone Number: _________________________

Other Extracurricular Activities: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pick the top 3 positions are you interested in applying for:

  • President (must have served at least one-term on the Executive Board)
  •  Vice-President
  •  Treasurer
  • Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Director of Events
  • Director of Recruitment

Positions: ____________________________________________________________________

*Please review the responsibilities of each position prior to completing the application.

In today’s society, what is the importance of specializing in International Business? (No more than 300 words)


What skills do you possess that would qualify you to lead in the position you are applying for?

(No more than 300 words)


What IBS event did you attend this past semester that impacted your experience the most? Why? (No more than 300 words)



If elected to the Executive Board position you ran for, what ideas would you like to incorporate? Please be as specific as possible. (No more than 300 words)