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Welcome to the SJU Investing Club!

Our Mission

The purpose of the Saint Joseph’s University Investing Club is to provide an opportunity for students of any major interested in investing to learn about and practice trading in a low stakes environment. The club does not trade real dollars and instead “paper trades” with a fictional sum that is “invested” as per real market prices in stocks, bonds, etc. Members of the club meet bi-weekly to vote on buying, selling, or holding certain assets. Dividing into teams, members research specific sectors of the stock market and then pitch their stock ideas to the other members who vote on what decisions to make in the club-wide portfolio. An optional individual competition portion of the club allows members to manage fictional money on their own and attempt to be the most profitable in the club.  We have also developed a comprehensive investing curriculum that can teach even those with no previous experience with financial markets how to invest and participate in the club.

Important Dates:

September 22nd: Meeting #1

  • 7:30 pm @ Mandeville Teletorium

October 6th: Meeting #2

  • 7:30 pm @ Mandeville Teletorium

October 20th: Meeting #3

  • 7:30 pm @Mandeville Teletorium

October 27th: Workshop #1

  • 7:30 pm Location TBA


Social Media

  • Instagram: @sju_investing_club

Google Calendar Link:

  • Includes all dates of meetings/workshops for the whole fall semester
  • Includes information about what the meeting/workshop will discuss

Google Calendar

Live Portfolio Link:

  • Follow the performance of the club-wide "Group Portfolio" in real-time
  • To join as a viewer, search for account name "jacobpeifer" and join "SJU Investing Club Group Portfolio"

Live Portfolio

Badge Tracker Link:

  • View which badges you and other club members have earned

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Master Portfolio Tracker

  • View the transaction history, past performance, and holdings of the Group Portfolio

Master Portfolio Tracker

Past Meeting Recap:

First Meeting Recap (9/22/22)

During this meeting, we went over the different memberships, introductions to the executive board, badge descriptions, website access, and more! Check your emails for the PowerPoint that we went over!

Meet The Executive Board!

Faculty Advisor: Professor Jonathan Adams


Name: Jacob Peifer

Grade: Sophomore

Executive Board Position: President


Finance and Economics


Business Intelligence and Analytics

Campus Involvement:

Co-Op Program, Economics Society, Intramural Sports, Club Esports, Haub School of Business Advisory Board

Stock Portfolio:

I swing trade stock options and have a variety of long term holdings!

Name: Joseph Vigliotta

Grade: Junior

Executive Board Position: Vice President

Major(s): International Business

Minor(s): Real Estate Finance

Campus Involvement:

Student Senate

Stock Portfolio:

I am currently in Tesla, Apple, S&P 500, TQQ, NEE, Google, and other long-term stocks! I am also in swing trades, but those change every few weeks.





Name: Chanho Kim

Grade: Junior

Executive Board Position: Treasurer

Major(s): International Business

Minor(s): Business Intelligence

Campus Involvement:

Student Senate, International Business Society

Stock Portfolio:

I prefer long term, but I invest in short term stocks here and there. My favorite stock at the moment is Tesla!






Name: Luca Berenato

Grade: Sophomore

Executive Board Position: Secretary

Major(s): Accounting and Marketing

Minor(s): N/A

Campus Involvement:

Accounting Society, Dean's Leadership Program, Italian Club

Stock Portfolio:

I'm not really investing in the stock market at the moment, but I have had Apple stock since it split in 2020!