Puck Cancer Hockey Night

In addition to serving as our team captain from 2020-2022, Liam Morgan '22 was a member of the SJU Relay for Life team. His Relay for Life mission was to help families who not only have to deal with the emotional toll of cancer, but also the financial burden of patient-care expenses.

Liam took the initiative to create Hawk Hockey's annual "Puck Cancer" night, where SJU students come to a Hawk Hockey game and raise funds to fight cancer. In the brief two years Hawk Hockey has hosted this event, Liam and our team have been able to attract crowds of over 500 fans and raise over $10,000 for families who are fighting against cancer. 

The Hawk Hockey family would like to express how appreciative we are of team members like Liam, whose initiative has resulted in an annual event that will be part of our culture for decades to come.