*Review this entire page prior to applying for Weekly Service!

Watch the information session at the bottom of the page for more details!

By applying, you are choosing to...

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  • Each volunteer chooses one of our community partners.
  • Serve with that community partner once a week for 10 weeks.
  • A 1-3 hour commitment depending on your community partner.
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  • Each volunteer chooses a time that best fits their schedule.
  • Biweekly reflections last for ~45 minutes and happen 3 times a semester.
  • These spaces are an opportunity to think more about why service is needed, and to discern more about what is our role in society as volunteers.


  • Each reflection has a "call to action" that encourages students to be engaged citizens.
  • Some examples are signing petitions, and writing to a senator, about a social issue that affects one of our community partners.

All new volunteers must watch the information session below.