Communications and Advertising Committee




Hawk Hill Communication Committee




Community Service Committee



Communications & Advertising Committe

As a member of the Communications & Advertising Committee, you will help the VP of Communications & Advertising with content creation to advertise upcoming meetings and provide insights on how to improve our chapter’s communications to better reach students. This committee focuses on creating engaging social media content and chapter emails to communicate upcoming events that are on brand with our chapter. We are always looking for new ways to better connect with those within our community!

Hawk Hill Communications Committe

As a member of the Hawk Hill Communications Committee, you’ll help the VP of Hawk Hill Communications facilitate chapter engagement with alumni and other organizations on campus. We work to connect alumni with the organization to build value regarding networking opportunities, events, and insight as to career outcomes following graduation. By working directly with campus organizations, the AMA is able to create an interconnected community while promoting the various causes, groups, and events that make Hawk Hill so special!


Community Service Committe

As a member of the Community Service Committee you will be working with the VP of Community Service in searching for service opportunities that we can market and get involved in on campus or in the Philly area. Some of the service opportunities on campus include weekly service, APEX, PSIP, etc! Volunteering is a great way to strengthen your ties to the community and meet new people while giving back, even though our main focus will be on how we will promote and market these organizations/events.