Communications and Advertising Committee

The Communications and Advertising Committee will be responsible for assisting the VP of Communications and Advertising.  The committee will be responsible for promoting events and the organization through traditional media such as print and flyers as well as promoting through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The committee will also be responsible for contributing to the AMA Website by creating engaging blog posts for our readers. Committee members have the opportunity to take on a project manager position for certain events throughout the semester and build their leadership skills.

Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for working with the VP of Membership to recruit new members and help facilitate the application process.  Committee members will play a role in all steps of the recruitment process; they will communicate the advantages of joining, as well as provide instruction on how to join.  When new applications are received, member information will be documented to maintain an up-to-date roster.  Additionally, membership committee members will encourage members to be active participants within SJU AMA in order to take full advantage of all of the benefits.  They will also help keep records of member attendance and participation at all events and meetings.

Programming and Fundraising Committee

The programming and fundraising committee is responsible for creating and organizing events and fundraisers for the AMA.  They will work alongside of the VP of Programming and Fundraising.  The committee is responsible to come up with creative ideas to help the organization to raise funds.  They also are responsible for generating ideas to produce events that are enjoyable and beneficial for the student body, faculty members, and the SJU community.

Community Service Committee

The community service committee will work closely with the VP of Community Service.  The committee will work with on campus organizations to promote awareness of social justice events and opportunities.  We assist with marketing and on campus promotion of these events. We also help increase membership by encouraging a large number of members to attend such events.  The community service committee also works with the AMA Saves Lives campaign to increase organ donor numbers as well as increase knowledge about the benefits of organ donation.  We work hard to increase registration by promoting through videos, social networking, and on-campus events.