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Saint Joseph's University

The Green Fund brings together faculty, students, and facilities in creating new sustainability changes on campus.  With each new academic year, the Green Fund's budget is generated from $5 from each student per semester from the university activity fee. With this sizable budget, big environmentally-conscious changes can be made to our campus. Green Fund is committed to making Saint Joseph's University an advocate for sustainability!

Corporate Social Responsibility is an approach that embodies the social and economic accountabilities associated with environmental preservation. In essence, promoting Corporate Social Responsibility fosters three pillars: the people, the planet, and the profit. Through its support of a student run sustainability organization, The Green Fund, Saint Joseph’s University chooses to invest in these pillars, to create a path for long-term sustainable growth.  The Green Fund enacts environmental programs, such as a university-wide Recycling Program, Energy Conservation Program, Water Conservation Program, and numerous others in order to promote Corporate Social Responsibility. At Saint Joseph’s University, we believe that students should not only learn about core business theories like Corporate Social Responsibility, but should also have the chance to get hands-on experience in enacting some of these initiatives.  The Green Fund, resting on a firm foundation of our University’s Jesuit values, drives the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility for the greater good of its people, planet, and profit.

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