Saint Joseph's University

The Green Fund is available for use by approved sustainably-progressive projects, educational programs and activities for Saint Joseph's University and its surrounding community. The Green Fund will be sustained by both The Green Fund Foundation account, as well as yearly student contributions through the activities fee, and will be administered by the Green Fund Advisory Board.

Applications for funding are to be submitted through the Green Fund Project Proposal Form.

Proposal Guidelines:

All proposals should include the following information:

  1. A description of project, including intended audience/recipient, project goals/outcomes and how your project can reduce SJU's impact on the environment?
  2. A discussion of how you intend to include the University community in the publicity/education/implementation of your project.
  3. A detailed timeline explaining anticipated start and end dates of the project and plans for implementation.
  4. A list of additional approvals (outside of the Green Fund) that may be required to ensure that this project is completed (Example: approval by Facilities and Planning or Administration) and any approvals you may have received for this project at this time.
  5. The monetary impact of your project, including specific cost and savings estimates. (Include the estimate of time for when your project will generate a positive cash flow, if applicable).
  6. A list of other sources of funding you may be receiving or have applied for and/or any means that you have considered to keep your intended budget costs low.

The Green Fund Advisory Board will review all proposals.  Individuals submitting proposals may be invited to give a presentation and/or answer further questions regarding a proposal submission. To allow sufficient time for the review and approval process, please submit proposals at least one month in advance of the anticipate project date.