Company Tour – Bloomberg LP

Bloomberg - NYC

On October 24, a total of 22 International Business Society (IBS) members traveled to New York City for a company tour of Bloomberg LP Headquarters. Bloomberg, one of the leading financial data providers in the world, delivers real-time news and information for an array of asset classes — equities, fixed income, commodities, and foreign exchange. Within the last 30 years, Bloomberg has experienced rapid growth with over 15,000 employees and 192 locations around the world. On Friday morning, IBS members immediately discovered Bloomberg’s international exposure, particularly on the sixth floor of the building which is more formally referred to as “the link”. To get from one side of the 55 stories tall building to the other, Bloomberg employees must cross “the link” to do so. In the process of navigating from side to side, IBS members realized the environment is a glimpse of the world on smaller scale. Employees are constantly interacting with one another, most of the time speaking a different language — Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean are just a few of the languages that contribute to the transparent and diverse work environment. In addition to touring the all of neon colored floors (and riding one of seven curved escalators in the world), IBS members participated in a presentation that discussed the various internship and job opportunities within the firm. One of the key skills mentioned for succeeding at Bloomberg is “being bold.” The company seeks students who are able to innovate and ask “why” when working on a project, both individually and collaboratively. Without a doubt, IBS members’ ability to understand foreign cultures and languages is an advantage when looking into companies such as Bloomberg.