Katie Rice, 15′, in Ireland


Studying abroad in Cork, Ireland has changed aspects of my life for the better. First, it changed the way I now view the world. Through living in Irish college housing with other Irish students and shopping at markets in a city that sold local grown products, I learned not every society functions as America’s does. I learned how the Irish-college-lifestyle differs from that in America, specifically because many students commuted from home and lived with their parents. I was able to learn about the value Irish residents hold on locally producing their meats and vegetables to sell to consumers, most because they are fresh and help support the small businesses in the economy. While studying at University College Cork (UCC), I participated in Food Marketing courses which opened by eyes to the International Food Industry. In these classes, my lecturer discussed popular Irish brands, grocery chains and convenience stores that I was unfamiliar with. These courses in Food Marketing at UCC boosted by desire to become a valuable asset for an Irish Food Company. I found the discussions, products and company values interesting, with similarities and differences to the American food industry. My experience will benefit my career in International Business because I was able to make strong networking connections and gain a basic understanding of how the industry works. Having inside contacts with Food Marketing Professionals will help me down the road with getting my questions answered and also finding a career. The basic understanding I have now about the industry is a great starting point and pushes me to learn more or as much as I can.