What to do at @SJUSportsConf? Here is some advice from Amie Sheridan!

SHERIDANWith graduation on the horizon for many college students, building an industry contact list is more important than ever.  For those looking to break into the highly competitive sports business, an industry contact list is invaluable.  Hiring managers at professional sports organizations are swimming in resumes from interested candidates all year long.  An internship is a great way to get a foot in the door, but making a connection with someone in the business is even more valuable.
The Saint Joseph’s Sports Marketing Conference is going to provide students with a unique opportunity to meet key industry professionals and build their contact list.  Speakers include Dave Buck, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advertising at the Philadelphia Phillies, Sean McKinney, President at Mitchell & Ness, and Patrick Sullivan, Vice President of Events at the National Basketball League.  This event is a must attend for any student who is serious about a career in sports.
What to do when you get there?  Listen, take notes and ask questions.  When it comes time to network, a simple gesture like asking someone for their business card goes a long way.  Sports business professionals want to hire smart, assertive people.  Many of them see this as an opportunity to identify top talent.  Students should take advantage of this opportunity to separate themselves from the pack.
Attending the conference and getting a few business cards is only the beginning, however.  Half the battle is making the connection; the rest is in what you do next.  Sending a thank you note is key in building a relationship with an industry professional.  Sending a LinkedIn request to connect is another way to stay in touch.  When it comes time to apply for a position in sports, who you know can be just as important as getting good grades.  Don’t miss out on this important step in your quest for a career in sports!
– Amie Sheridan

@SJUSportsMkting Student Profile: Dan Kelson


Dan Kelson is a freshman sports marketing major at SJU and he is also interning with the USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship this Spring 2013 semester. Read his blog post about his internship experience here:

headshot.5“During one of our Sports Marketing Club meetings that took place in January 2013, I listened to two gentlemen from USA Sevens Rugby speak about their organization and about the Collegiate Rugby Championship coming up on June 1-2, 2013, in PPL Park in Philadelphia, PA. They mentioned they were looking for potential interns to help them market the Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC).  I was instantly intrigued.  I quickly emailed them to express my strong interest, and heard back shortly after.  We continued to exchange emails until I finally secured an opportunity to serve as a Marketing Intern.  The experience so far has been tremendous.  

Along with three other SJU Sports Marketing major’s, we have together formed a marketing team that is helping to promote the Colleagiate Rugby Championship (CRC) throughout Philadelphia. We have executed multiple on-site promotional events.  Honestly, it’s been a blast working for USA Sevens.

When I first entertained the notion of trying to line up the internship, I thought that since I was just a freshman noone would hire me.  But, I’ve learned that if you show strong initative, and are willing to work hard and never give up, you can get one regardless of how old you are. The opportunities and experience I have attained during my time so far with USA Seven Rugby have been unbelievable and are helping prepare me for a future job in sports marketing.”

@SJUSportsConf: Meet Caleb Mezzy, Social and Digital Media Professional


Caleb1Hi! My name is Caleb Mezzy and I’ll be helping to run the Social Media during the first annual St. Joe’s Sports Marketing Conference about the live event experience. If you are a college student studying Sports Management or Sports Marketing this is an event you must attend. If you’re a growing Sports Business Professional, this is an opportunity to grow your network. I’ve been both!

I’m a recent graduate of Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality where I was a Sport and Recreation Management major. My time there allowed me to learn the value of attending conferences and networking. At the same time, I was an intern for a local sports agency to gain some industry experience. That’s how I found to grow and love Social Media/Marketing/Branding.

With the combination of my education at Temple University and savvy Social Networking skills, I’ve been able to grow my network in the sports industry rapidly. I’ve positioned myself at the intersection of Sports and Social Media. Doing this has allowed me to meet many of the panelists listed to be at the Sports Marketing Conference such as; Haynes Hendrickson, Leonard Bonacci, Russell Scibetti and Michael Missanelli.

So when you attend the “They’re No. 1” Sports Marketing Conference, make sure to tweet about the event using #SJUSportsConf and @SJUSportsConf and take pictures on Instagram.

Why attend @SJUSportsConf on May 23, 2013? Senior Kristen Stoltz has some answers!


Hi All, my name is Kristen Stoltz and I am currently a senior sports marketing major here at SJU. With graduation just around the corner it is becoming increasingly more evident that I am soon going to be forced to join the real world and start my career. I have applied to many different jobs within the field of sports but as we all know the sports industry may just be the hardest to make your way into.

3 reasons to attendOne of the most important things I have learned throughout my time here at Saint Joes is the power of networking. For instance if it wasn’t for me working in the marketing department and meeting Dr. Lord I might have never gotten the opportunity to intern at Sports radio 94 WIP, where I currently work with a part time position. The amazing people that have constructed the sports marketing department here are always willing to help, as well as offer you a vast variety of knowledge about the industry. 

The sports marketing conference is going to include some of the most influential individuals in the sports industry and I think that anyone who is looking in to a career in sports would be a fool not to attend. You never know who you might wind up in a conversation with, have something in common with, or even just have a laugh with. Honestly it’s the little things that people remember and they are what will make someone more inclined to hire you.

All in all I think that the sports marketing conference is going to be a huge event, and something that will continue to grow here at Saint Joe’s in years to come. I can say from experience that being a part of something great from the beginning is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world, and being part of the first class to graduate with a degree in sports marketing from Saint Joes is something that I will always take pride in.

Looking for a Job? Websites to help find your Dream Sports Job


In 2013 a majority of  our networking is done online, and now searching and applying for a job can be done on the net as well. There are numerous outlets for sports jobs online. After my research I discovered a large number of them, some more useful then others. These are the 3 major online sports job databases online with my own personal analysis of each.

  1. http://www.teamworkonline.com/- most extensive online sports job database.
  • Search by area code; locate jobs in any area code across US
  •  Lists Jobs by category, How long they have been available, requirements for position
  • You apply via email twitter, LinkedIn they will send email back if interested in interview or further application process
  •  Updated every hour, existing jobs that are taken seem to be removed from site in timely fashion, So all positions listed are truly open.
  • Daily front page update board, listing newest jobs available

*I applied for job with Galaxy for a summer marketing position and a Job in Rochester NY for a marketing position with the Rochester Knight hawks I have not heard back as of yet.


  1. http://www.sportsjobfinder.com/- Much more generic sports job data base.
  •      Seems to be updated every other day with a lot of non existing jobs still being listed.
  •       Search by keyword but cannot be that specific or search will not be successful .
  •    Have to truly know where and what you want, hard to browse and find position because it is so scattered. Best option is to search by “State”

3.  http://sportscareersinstitute.com/sports-jobs-listings.html-  Site is most generic of all three

  • Specific to college students/ jobs in college sports
  • More of a guide, compared to a job listing datebas
  • Extremely helpful If you are trying to work for college athletics.













@SJUSprtsMktClub hosted John Franzini from Aramark on 4/18/13


On April 18, 2013, Saint Joseph’s University was honored to have John Franzini, Vice President of Retail at ARAMARK, Sports & Entertainment. This very interesting talk allowed us to gain insight into a multi-billion organization. Mr. Franzini touched on a wide array of topics ranging from how Aramark is involved in many different industries other than sports, the negotiations between different parties needed for retail space, and all of the various components that go into maximizing profit for one of their clients.


My favorite part of the lecture was viewing the proposals that he had presented to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to gain control of their food and retail operations. I found it very interesting that Aramark routinely bids on contracts for teams in every league and that they develop a new proposal idea for each team. Lastly, I was amazed that by simply changing a team’s store in their arena, and not their actual merchandise that Aramark was able to increase revenue for the New Jersey Devils by 40%.

Overall, a fantastic lecture gave students the opportunity to learn about a side of the sports industry that is not so widely publicized.

– by Shaun Gallagher, SJU’13

Best Branding in Golf at the Masters 2013


When we watch sports in the 21st century there is always a plethora of advertising throughout the broadcast. This advertising is a source of revenue for network league and even player salaries. It is fair to conclude that advertising in general  drives a large portion of sports business decisions. That being said, it seems as thought advertising is starting to take over the sports media world. Take the Masters for example, each broadcast of the famous golf Event includes numerous brands with a variety of places to broadcast them. On Each player there is an average of 1.2 different products being advertised on their hats, shirts pants and gloves.



The question is why do companies take the time to hire these direct marketing sources(players)? Because it is extremely effective. The range in viewers that watch the tournament is large enough to justify every penny spent. To see a professional golfer repping a product you dreamed of buying your attachment becomes even greater. The direct source money creates a relationship greater than any television or radio advertisement. If there is one thing the Masters have done besides provide great gold content, is make me want to make enough money to buy the luxury items being broadcasted, that is a strong consumer response.


@SJUSportsMkting Student Profile: Colleen Geary


headshot.4Colleen Geary is a senior sports marketing major at SJU and she is also interning at the 97.5 The Fanatic. Here is Colleen’s blog post about her experience being a sports marketing student and her internships:

“My name is Colleen Geary and I am a senior Sports Marketing major. I have been a Sports Marketing major since I got to St. Joes because I knew I wanted to work in sports since high school. My experience with the major has been incredible. It provides students with the very best resources and education necessary for success in the sports industry. The professors are extremely knowledgeable; many whom have worked in the field for several years. They are able to extend their knowledge and experiences to the students in the classroom setting, which allows for a greater understanding of sports marketing. Over the past 4 years I have had 3 awesome internships in sports that have really extended my classroom knowledge into the working world.

My first internship was with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a minor league baseball team in Delaware. I learned the day-to-day and game operations of a minor league baseball team and loved every minute of it! My second internship was with Comcast-Spectacor at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. I worked in the Complex Marketing department where I learned about pubic relations and marketing for family shows and concerts, as well as Philadelphia Wings lacrosse games. I loved working in office, where I got a different experience besides working game nights.

Currently, I am a sales intern with 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. Although I have only been there a few weeks, so far I love learning the sales process and all about the radio industry. In the coming weeks I am looking forward to going out on sales calls with the Account Executives! My internships have been a huge help to me both in the classroom and in the working world. I would recommend any of my internships to other Sports Marketing majors.”

Philadelphia Phillies at SJU on 4/4/13


On April 4, 2013, Saint Joseph’s University was honored to have Philadelphia Phillies CFO John Nickolas speak during to a group of students on campus. This was a very interesting talk that allowed us to gain insight into one of the elite organizations in Major League Baseball. Mr. Nickolas touched on a wide array of topics ranging from the exploding television rights fees provided by Cable TV, the different categories of revenue and expenses for a major league team, and the importance of taking out insurance on large player contracts such as Cole Hamels or Ryan Howard.


My favorite part of the lecture was not so much “business,” but rather how to conduct yourself in life: treat others the way you want to be treated, follow through on your word, dress for the job that you want, and listen more than you speak. Moments like these are the best advice that we who aspire to work in sports can follow. I have listened to numerous speakers in my four years at SJU, and not one of them has taken the same path to enter the sports industry. Therefore it is most important to follow more how they conduct themselves, not where they graduated from or a particular major.


Overall, it was a fantastic lecture and the students also enjoyed the opportunity to try on a World Series ring! Not something you would normally see in a Saint Joseph’s University classroom.

– by Shaun Gallagher, SJU ’13

See more pictures here: http://clubs.sju.edu/sportsmarketing/gallery

@SJUSportsMkting Student Profile: Kristen Stoltz


Kristen Stoltz is a senior sports marketing major at SJU and she is also working at the Sports Radio 94WIP. Here is Kristen’s blog post about her internship and now work experience at the Sports Radio WIP:


“During my spring semester of my junior year I was given the opportunity to intern with Sports Radio WIP in Center City. At the time WIP was the sole provider of game broadcasts in Philadelphia for all for major sports. I was able to get firsthand experience of how a sports radio station is ran through the talk radio aspect as well as the production of game broadcasts and commentary. I was also able to experience and work Wing Bowl 20 which was a worldwide media event in which Takeru Kobayashi participated and won. I was an official photographer for Wing Bowl 20 and my pictures were seen by people all over the world.

When my internship ended in May I was lucky enough to be offered a part time position on the promotions team. In addition to working events for Sports Radio WIP, the promotions team also helps out with events for other CBS radio stations, 98.1 WOGL and 1210 WPHT. Throughout my time on the promotions team I have been able to network with many people in the sports industry and have had countless learning experiences that I know will aid me in my career after graduation. I was also able to work Wing Bowl 21 in which I assisted in the production of an on demand video recap of the event. The video was available online for a small fee hours after the event. 

I highly recommend the internship program at WIP for anyone interested in sports marketing or communications.”