Want to be more involved with habitat or lead the way to serving other?  Join a committee! Currently we have a fundraising committee led by Angie and Michelle. Contact them directly if interested!



Fundraising Committee

Leaders: Michelle Hernandez & Angie Yu

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the fundraising programs of the chapter and other volunteer activities provided to local affiliates of Habitat and other sponsored projects of Habitat. The committee takes primary responsibility for developing and making sure that there is proper management and implementation of the chapter’s fundraising programs and other volunteer activities. The committee will be responsible for creations of fundraising projects and organize volunteers to carry them out. The fundraising committee's task may include but is not limited to:

  • Plan, prepare and implement all fundraising events and efforts.
  • Send thank you letters to all donors.



Photo (right): From the December Fundraiser, our biggest fundraiser of the year!