Rake-a-Thon 2017

Have SJU students rake your lawn!  

Saturday November 11th, 2017

All donations collect will be sent to the Habitat for Humanities Philidelphia affiliate to be used in their mission of assuring "everyone having a safe and decent place to live."


How Does it Work?

1. Sign up your home

Be sure you home is within our raking boundaries (if your address is listed in the sign up form then you are within the boundaries).

2. Donate to Habitat for Humanity

In the sign up form you will be able to donate to Habitat for Humanity Philidelphia Affiliate. We are asking for a suggested donation of $20

3. We Rake

On November 11* a group of SJU students will come to your home, Rake and bag your leaves (we will verify the time for you)!

*The date may change depending on demand and weather - we will let you know!

Who is Eligible?

If your home is within the boundaries on the map (click the image to make it larger) than we can rake your lawn! Sign your home up today! You can also go to the sign up form to search for eligible address.

Student Information

To sign up, go to our event sign up page and select Rake-a-Thon. The event will take place Saturday, October 11 9am-2pm. Specific information, meeting location and timing will be sent to you via email prior to the event.

  • Students particpating in the event will gather on Campus the morning of Rake-a-Thon.
  • We will give you a FREE Breakfast!
  • Students will then be divided into groups and will be assigned specific houses to rake.
  • We will supply you with all you need (rakes, bags, glove etc..). Just bring yourself!


Call or Text Us:

(601) 675-8434