Resources and Services

used for the Habitat for Humanity Chapter at Saint Joseph's University Executive Board.

*Indicates that login information can be found in AirTables


Expense reimbursement form can be found HERE

Task Managment

All events and what needs to be done to complete them can be found here.

Database Managment

Membership, Finance, Contacts, Logins etc. databases can be found here.


Policy Managment

All club policies and event implementation guides can be found here.*



Emails, phone (Google Voice), file storage (Google Drive), are here.*

Mail Chimp

Send emails to all club members as well as to specific committees or events.*



Make edits to the club website or add a blog post.

Process Managment

The steps for operational and executive processes are here.*

HFH Extranet

Resources (including operations manuals) from Habitat are here.*