Upcoming Events

In light of the university’s transition to hybrid instruction for the semester, all WLI Fall 2020 meetings will be held virtually. Check out our upcoming events to stay in the loop!


Wednesday, September 23rd

Get to Know the E-Board: Introduction to WLI, 6:00 PM via Zoom

Wednesday, October 14th

Film Screening: “On the Basis of Sex,” 6:00 PM via Zoom

Wednesday, November 11th 

A Look into the Impact of our Female Role Models, 6:30 PM via Zoom

Wednesday, December 9th 

Finals Study Break

Wednesday, January 13th 

Film Screening, 6:30 PM

Wednesday, February 10th

Neurodiversity in the Workplace, 6:30 PM

Distributing Dignity Drive: Month of March

Wednesday, March 10th

Immigration as a Feminist Issue, 6:30 PM

Wednesday, April 14th 

Intersectionality in Action


Past Events


Wednesday, February 12th 

The Importance of Being An Active Bystander, 6:30 PM in the Center for Inclusion and Diversity

Wednesday, January 22nd 

Film Screening: “Dolores”, 6:30 PM in Forum Theatre, Campion Student Center

Wednesday, October 9th

Welcome Meeting: LinkedIn Workshop, 6:30 pm in the Center for Inclusion and Diversity

Wednesday, November 13th

Making a Better & More Informed SJU: A Discussion About the University Climate Study, 6:30 pm in the Center for Inclusion and Diversity

Tuesday, December 10th

Self Care Study Break with WLI & Daff Wellness, 1 PM in Sunroom I, Campion Student Center


Wednesday, September 12th

Welcome Meeting: 2018 Midterm Election, 6:30 pm in Villiger Lounge  

Wednesday, November 14th

Monthly Meeting: Women’s Health, Trash Receptacles, 6:30 pm in Villiger Lounge

Wednesday, December 12th

Pay Equity Bake Sale: 7 pm – 9 pm in the Library Atrium

Wednesday, January 23rd

Welcome Back Meeting: Screening “RBG”, 6:30 pm Forum Theater

Wednesday, February 13th

Monthly Meeting: Effective Communication, 6:30 pm in the Office of Inclusion & Diversity

Month of March

Distributing Dignity Drive

Wednesday, March 20th

Women’s History Month Event: Social Justice Panel, 6:30 pm in Office of Inclusion and Diversity

Wednesday, April 10th

End of Semester Meeting: Media Crackdown, 6:30 pm in the Office of Inclusion and Diversity


Wednesday, September 13th

Welcome Back Meeting/ REPP Introductions

6:30pm OID

Tuesday, October 3rd

PA Women’s Conference

Wednesday, October 11th

Backpacks to Briefcases; Managing Personal Finance and How to Negotiate

6:30pm OID

Thursday, October 12th

“Taste of the World” hosted by Bridging the Gap

Free Period North Lounge

Wednesday, November 8th

Mental Health Month

6:30 OID

Wednesday, December 6th

End of Semester: Pop Culture and Feminism

6:30 OID

Wednesday, January 17th

Welcome Back: Screening of “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry”

Fundraiser and Panel, 6:30 Forum Theater

Wednesday, February 14th

#SayHerName partnering with BSU

6:30 OID

Saturday, February 17th

Professional Development Day,

9am 5th floor McShain

Wednesday, March 21st

“Check Your Privilege at the Door”: How your privilege frames your actions and everyday interactions

6:30 OID

Wednesday, April 11th

Women’s Beauty Standards and the Origin of YOUR Empowerment

6:30 OID


Thursday, September 1st

Activities Fair, 4-6pm Curran Lawn

Wednesday, September 14th

Welcome Meeting, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

Thursday, September 29th

“Anita” Screening, Co-sponsored by the Political Science Department and the Office of Multicultural Life, 6 pm Forum Theater

Tuesday, October 4th

“The Surprising Truth about Saving the World”, Sponsored by Beautiful Social, Co-Sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Initiative & the Political Science Department, 7- 8:15 pm Cardinal Foley Center

Wednesday, October 12th

Monthly Meeting: Backpacks to Briefcases, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

Wednesday, November 9th

Monthly Meeting: A Reflection on Gender and the Presidential Race, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

Wednesday, December 7th

End of Semester Meeting: Free the Nipple, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

Wednesday, January 25th

Welcome Back meeting: Screening of “Fagbug”, 6:30pm Forum Theater

Wednesday, February 8th

Monthly Meeting: The Woman Code, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

Saturday, February 11th

Professional Development Day, 9 am 5th Floor McShain

Wednesday, March 8th

Feminism and the Porn Industry, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

Wednesday, April 12th

End of Semester Meeting, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge


August 27

– Activities Fair 4-6pm Curran Lawn

September 9

-Welcome Meeting 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

September 29

– Guest Speaker Kristin Beck, Co-sponsored with College Democrats & GSA, 6pm Wolfington Teletorium

October 6

-Pay Equity Bake Sale, 11am Campion

October 14

– Monthly Meeting: Pay Negotiation, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

November 11

-Monthly Meeting: Violence Against Women, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

November 19

-Pennsylvania Women’s Conference

December 2

-Monthly Meeting: End of Semester, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

January 20

– Welcome Back meeting, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

January 30

-Professional Development Day, 9 am 5th Floor McShain

February 10

-Monthly Meeting: Women’s Importance in Government , 6:30pm Villiger Lounge

February 13

-Ready to Run Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Center for Women in Politics, Philadelphia University

March 16

-Monthly Meeting: “The Mask You Live In” screening, 6:30 pm Room TBA

April 7

-Take Back the Night, Chapel

April 13

– End of Semester Meeting, 6:30pm Villiger Lounge


February 28, 2014

Women’s Leadership Initiative officially becomes a recognized club on SJU’s campus.

March 20, 2014

The first general interest meeting for WLI is held during Free Period in Barbelin 226.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Raising Ms. President is screened in Forum Theater at 6:30 p.m. The screening is followed by a panel discussion is facilitated by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown with Representative Mary Jo Daley, Representative Pam DeLissio and Katie McGinty ‘85, a Democratic candidate for Pennsylvania Governor as panelists. Lauren King and Christina Ciconte accept positions as co-presidents.

May 19, 2014

WLI members assist Representative Pam DeLisio as polling volunteers at Northern Services, 5301 Ridge Avenue.

August 25, 2014

Magdalenda Jagla officially names Executive Board: Co-Presidents: Lauren King and Christian Ciconte, Vice-President: Kailee Fisher, Secretary: Dana Saraco, and Treasurer: Kristin Harper

Thursday, August 28, 2014

WLI attends their first Activities Fair.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WLI holds the first monthly meeting of the academic year held in Villiger Lounge at 7 p.m. The meeting focused on planning and preparation of future events as well as the announcement of open Executive Board positions. (Lauren has agenda in email)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lauren and Christina meet with Dale Moelter to discuss a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

Thursday, October 2, 2014

WLI attends Project HOME’s Homespun Fashion Show

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WLI hosts Scarlet McCahil, SJU Alum and Social Enterprise Manager at Project Home from 6-8 p.m. in Sourin Lounge to recap the event on October 2nd and discuss women’s roles in the public realm.

October 17, 2014

Representative Mary Jo Daley visits Dr. Scola’s Women and Politics class.

November 19-22, 2014

WLI sends volunteers to assist at the National Foundation of Women Legislator’s Conference.