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WLI Executive Board 2022-2023

Co-President Darynn Minus-Vincent '23

"I’m a Business Intelligence and Analytics major but wanted to take Political Science classes to fulfill my desire to be more in touch with broader social justice issues. I first took Dr. Scola who introduced me to WLI and have been in WLI since Sophomore Year. Since then, I have declared a Public Policy minor! I am a captain of the Track and Field team and am heavily involved in athletics through the Steering Committee and Atlantic 10 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. I have had internships in management consulting and venture capital and hope to create my own firm one day to invest in and help underrepresented founders. I am moving to NYC post-grad to work in consulting!"


Co-President Grace Donohue '25

"I have been with WLI officially since the spring semester of my first year. WLI looked like the perfect way to not only get involved on campus but take up a leadership role in an organization that lifted up women. I am so grateful to be a part of such a hard working E-Board and can't wait for events we have planned this year! I am also a member of the club field hockey team, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, a Placement Liaison with the Faith Justice Institute, and an AIM mentor!"


Vice President Ava Culver '25

"I’m proud Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Sustainability major with a Business Intelligence and Analytics minor. I have been with WLI for around a year because I started as a Freshman and am now a Sophomore. I was really drawn to WLI for its core message of female empowerment and leadership within the workforce. Being a business major it felt like a home away from home and really encouraged me to focus more on leadership and career development. I’m also involved in Pride, ASA, and Art Club as a general member and am looking forward to hopefully gaining more experience with service here at SJU."


Treasurer Sophia Kosty '25 

"This is my second year in WLI. I wanted to be a part of an organization that uplifted others and have a sense of community on campus.  I joined because of the supportive group and being able to learn more about other women leaders. I am an Accounting and Food Marketing double major pursuing my 150 credits to sit for the CPA exam. At Hawk Hill, I am involved in Campus Ministry as a front desk attendant, community partner coordinator for Weekly Service, Ignite leader, and a participant in the Appalachian Experience (APEX). I am also a brother of the National Honors Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi." 


Treasurer Kelsey Nager '25


Director of Communications Patrice Romano '24

"I have been involved with WLI since fall of my freshman year after taking a seminar with Dr. Burkhalter. I was first a protege for the communications team and I became the team director in my junior year. I was drawn to the WLI mission of creating an empowering space that is not only inclusive towards women and non-binary people, but prioritizes programming towards those identities. At SJU, I am also an RA, lead a service immersion program called the Appalachian Experience (APEX), and am a brother of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. I am so proud to work with organizations that value inclusivity, social justice, personal growth, and community!"


Secretary: Miranda Oseguera '24

"I have been in WLI since I was a freshman. I joined because I loved the idea of a club that allowed for a network of women identifying people supporting each other to be our best selves. I’m a double stem major with a huge love of animals! I’m very passionate of trying to have more female representation in STEM."





Director of Campus Relations Daniella Campos '23

I have been on WLI since freshman year. I was drawn to the organization because of their mission to empower women through professional development.  I am grateful to be a part of a hardworking and amazing team. I have enjoyed every moment! At SJU, I am Co-President of Latinx Student Association. I am also a Senior Student Worker at the department of political science. This year I also serve as an ambassador for Running Start which is an early arrival program geared towards helping first-year students from underrepresented backgrounds adjust to their first year in college. I am a member of Alpha Alpha Alpha (first generation college student honor society) and Sigma Iota Rho (international relations honor society). 

Our Fall 2022 Proteges:

Co-President Protege Bella Privitera '26

"This is my first year on WLI, and I'm so thrilled to be apart of this wonderful organization! Coming from an all girls high school with a strong emphasis on supporting our "sisters", I wanted to involve myself in a community of empowering women who strive to uplift one another and take charge of our futures. Apart of WLI, I'm also involved in the student-run theater (Followed by a Bear), SJU Theatre Company, Hawk Hill Law Club, Hip Hop Hawks, The Hawk Newspaper."





Co-President Protege: Giselle Kaderabek ‘26

"This is my first year in WLI, I saw the booth at the activities fair and looked further into the club I felt compelled to join. I fully support the mission of WLI and wanted to be surrounded by fellow strong, ambitious and like minded women that seek to expand upon career and personal development for women while encouraging unity and individuality. I could not be more thrilled to be apart of the e board and facilitate women empowerment on campus and beyond. My experience has stemmed from being apart of an all women's entrepreneurship program during high school know as the National Association of Women Business Owners in my local San Antonio chapter where I worked with fellow women entrepreneurs to create a business plan and pitch. I was also a national competitor and state medalists for my high school's DECA chapter where I competed in the Marketing sector and was a first place medalist of my high schools entrepreneurship challenge. Aside from WLI, I am involved in Haub Women, American Marketing Association on campus, Project Sunshine and SJ Brew." 



Communications Director Protégé: Eshika Attri '26

This is my first year in WLI! I am very passionate about DEI at SJU, and I felt WLI was just such a good way to learn more and promote the concept. So far, I am apart of running start, FMA, WLI, and Student Senate. In highschool I was Class President and Varsity Tennis Captain. 





Communications Protégé: Hannah Pajtis '26

I have a passion for woman’s rights, was looking for a safe place to learn professional skills/learn how to navigate the workplace as a woman, and value leadershipI was a Girl Scout for 10+ years and earned 3 highest awards in Girl Scouts. I was also a certified Girl Scout PA (program aid), on e-board for NHS, co-founder of my high school’s entrepreneurship club, co-captain of high school tennis teamIn addiotn to WLI, I'm also involved in The Hawk Newspaper, Dean’s Leadership Program, and Asian Students Association. I’m passionate about my Asian-American identity (I gave a speech to my high school about it and won 1st place of 400 kids), writing is my passion, my ultimate bucket list activity is to travel the world, and I love 70s music!


Communications Protégé: Alicia Jones '26

I am involved in Followed by a Bear, Debate Club, Relay for Life and Weekly Service with Ghompers! I am an econ major and have a passion for business. I dance at a separate studio doing tap dancing and I love to sew!

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Laura Crispin, Professor, Economics Department, 

Dr. Becki Scola, Associate Dean (College of Arts and Sciences), and DEI Faculty Liaison (Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Dr. Janée Burkhalter, Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Professor of Marketing,

Dr. Josephine Shih, Professor, Psychology Department,

Natalie Walker Brown, M.S., Director for Inclusion and Diversity Educational Achievement (IDEA),

Trish Shafer, M.A., Executive Director for Career Center,