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Making a Better & More Informed SJU: A Discussion About the University Climate Study (November Monthly Meeting)

On November 13th, Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) held a monthly meeting to discuss the 2018 SJU Climate Study. The meeting was led by Co-Director of Campus Relations, Kelsey Welsh.  This meeting came a week after the campus-wide forum to discuss the racial bias incidents that have been occurring on campus. The forum definitely continued a…

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E-Board Spotlight: Gina Maria Vreeland

Meet Senior Gina Maria Vreeland! Gina is currently the Director of Communications for Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI). Originally from Northeast Philadelphia, Gina is majoring in Political Science, with minors in Latin American and Latinx Studies and Justice and Ethics in the Law.  Gina became involved with WLI during her freshman year after meeting a few…

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October Monthly Meeting: LinkedIn or Left Out?

October Monthly Meeting

On October 9th, Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) held our first monthly meeting of the Fall 2019 semester. The meeting, led by Co-President Maddie DeMarco and Co-Director of Campus Relations Erin Fenzel (Pictured Below), focused on creating and curating students’ LinkedIn profiles.  Erin and Maddie discussed how students can put their best foot forward on LinkedIn…

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E-Board Spotlight: Lauren Preski

Meet Senior Lauren Preski! Lauren is currently the Co-President of Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI). She is originally from Philadelphia, PA. Outside of WLI she has also participated in SJU’s Global Smarts Program as a mentor for students of AMY 5 at James Martin. Additionally, Lauren serves as a tutor for HIS 154 and POL 117…

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Media Crackdown: Spring 2019

Last April, Women Leadership’s Initiative’s end of the year meeting, led by three members of WLI’s Executive Board (Christine DiSanti, Sophie Page, and Elaina Wall), focused on social media and its role in various feminist and activist movements. The majority of the discussion was driven by a blog post, “How Social Media Has Reshaped Feminism,”…

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E-Board Spotlight: Christine DiSanti

Ever wonder who designs our flyers, graphics, and other marketing materials? Meet Christine DiSanti, a member of WLI’s Communications Team. Christine plays a key role in our Communications Team by making sure that we’re always on brand. She is a rising Junior from West Chester, PA who is studying Political Science with a minor in…

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Contributing Our Part to Women in Need: WLI’s Distributing Dignity Drive 2019

Each year, Women’s Leadership Initiative at Saint Joseph’s University organizes a campus-wide drive to collect pads, tampons, and unused bras/underwear for women in need. For this year’s drive, members of WLI placed boxes at different locations throughout campus where students could donate their contributions to the cause. Additionally, to bring greater awareness to the universal…

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Senior Farewell 2019: Caroline and Morgan

As the Fall 2019 semester came to a close, Women’s Leadership Initiative bid farewell to two members of our Executive Board. Caroline Kelm and Morgan Williams each joined our organization as General Members during their freshman year at SJU. After completing their sophomore year as protégés Caroline became the Director of Newsletters and Morgan became…

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E-Board Spotlight: Erin Fenzel

Rising Sophomore Erin Fenzel is the Co-Director of Campus Relations for Women’s Leadership Initiative. Erin is originally from Washington D.C. and is currently studying International Relations at SJU. She is very passionate about the environment and sustainability, racial equality and protection, and women’s rights. Erin says she draws inspiration as a young feminist from Senator…

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March Monthly Meeting: Social Justice in Action

Social Justice in Action

This March, Women’s Leadership Initiative’s monthly meeting featured a panelist of diverse and distinguished women who discussed social justice. Our panelists included Dr. Amber Abbas, Assistant History Professor; Nicole Brown, Human Resources Specialist; Catherine Collins, Reference Librarian; Imani Briscoe, Program Coordinator for the Center for Inclusion and Diversity; Anne Marie Keffer, Director of the Faith-Justice Institute;…

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