WLI Blog Content Submissions!


We want to highlight all of our members' amazing accomplishments and experiences! So, we've created a space for any member who feels called to write about their experience and have it posted on our blog and social media! This allows any member to get their story out there. Once a blog is posted, members can share the link to their own social media, specifically LinkedIn, to further showcase their achievements.

If you would like to be featured on our blog, please upload your written submission to the Google Form linked below. Please make sure your submission content is in line with the mission of WLI. This can be a reflection on an internship or work experience, a promotion for an event on campus that you are organizing, a response to SJU campus happenings, extracurricular experience, etc. Keep it professional, informative, and engaging!

Contact our webmaster, Hannah Pajtis, at hp10763559@sju.edu with any questions. We hope to see you on our page!

Submission Form Link