Sponsorship Opportunities

Kenisha Campbell MD

We appreciate opportunities to work with corporate sponsors for our events throughout the year, but the main opportunity for sponsorship is Professional Development Day. This daylong event takes place on campus one Saturday in mid-February.  Throughout the day, students attend presentations & interactive sessions on various topics related to professional development.  After these sessions, students attend lunch, during which we host faculty, staff, administrators, alumni & corporate sponsors for networking opportunities.

For our Reception, we strive for 30 to 50 guests to provide one-on-one networking opportunities.  Student participants represent a variety of majors, cohorts & experiences, and we strive to provide varied networking opportunities, as well.

As a corporate sponsor, you are invited to send representatives to attend any of the sessions including the luncheon and reception. These are wonderful opportunities to network with our students & other guests.

In addition to these networking opportunities, we will also display the signage & promotional materials of your choice in the lobby by the registration area. You will also receive special thanks & acknowledgment in our information packet provided to all attendees.

Corporate sponsorships are tax-deductible & start at $500.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss sponsorship of Professional Development Day or other events, please contact Dr. Laura Crispin at lcrispin@sju.edu.