March Monthly Meeting Blog

Boundaries and Balance in the Workplace


On March 8th, WLI held their monthly meeting in the CID titled “Boundaries and Balance in the Workplace”. The meeting began with an acknowledgement that this land originally belonged to the Lenape people. The meeting was based on a book called “Set Boundaries, Find Peace” and Ms. Imani’s Boundaries 101 class. The meeting leaders lead a fantastic meeting all about how to discover your boundaries and ensure they are upheld.


Boundaries are needs and expectations in relationships. The meeting discussed three levels of boundaries, weak, rigid, and healthy. There were many examples given of both health and unhealthy boundaries as well as the misconceptions that come with boundaries. Members in attendance took a quiz to discover what type of the above types of boundaries they had. The majority had weak boundaries, though this was not much of a surprise as women for decades have been taught to live this way.


There were interactive scenarios given, where members discussed how they would handle certain professional situations implementing healthy boundaries. This led to an amazing interaction and informative conversation.


The meeting ended with the conclusion that boundaries are essential to avoid burnout. Communication is the key to successful boundaries. And do not be afraid to uphold the boundaries you set and enforce them.