Protege Profile: Sheridan Leak

Meet our new Communications Team protege, Sheridan Leak! Sheridan is a freshman biology major from Burlington Township, NJ.  She’s already very involved on campus- in addition to her involvement in WLI, she is also a member of the University Student Senate, the Dean’s Leadership Program, Black Student Union, SJU Naturals, and the SJU Orientation Team.  She joined WLI to continue her support of female empowerment, as similar groups helped her to grow her confidence throughout her life.  She sees WLI as “a safe place for discussion and learning about gender and the role it plays in society. It recognizes anyone who has felt undermined or discriminated against because of their gender identity, and allows them to feel seen, heard and supported”. In the future, Sheridan hopes to become an OB/GYN as she continues with the pre-med track at SJU.  This career path stems from her care for social issues pertaining to the disproportionally high mortality rates of black and native american mothers and infants.  She hopes to do research on these issues during college and use her education to create positive change.  Sheridan says, “I truly enjoy having a community of women who support each other, and I hope to be a resource for other women who may need it!”. We can’t wait to see all you’ll do with WLI and in the future – welcome!