Welcome Back Leaders! – Sept. 2023 Monthly Meeting

By Kelsey Nager ‘25

WLI has officially kicked off for the academic year with our Welcome Back event this past Wednesday, September 6th. Hosted by Grace Donohue (Co-President) and myself, Kelsey Nager (Co-Treasurer), the meeting served to introduce the Executive Board to the new members, as well as welcome returning members back for the year. During the meeting, we outlined the mission and goals of the organization, with the main focuses being the development of professional skills, female empowerment in the workforce, and creating inclusive communities. 

The second half of the meeting consisted of a community-building activity intended to engage members with one another. After quickly introducing themselves, the E-board and general members were asked to answer “if given the chance, which woman in your lifetime or history would you choose to have dinner with?” The answers, though varying greatly, invited much conversation and laughter to the room. Some members chose family members they have looked up to, others mentioned well-accomplished celebrities, and some chose social activists. The underlying theme in all of our answers was that we all draw inspiration from the women around us.

There is no better way to start the academic year in WLI than to remember these women. As the semester progresses, let us continue to be inspired by them to become leaders for others to follow.


For New Members: Click here to see more ways to get involved. We are so excited to have you!