Working at the FJD: A Summer Internship at City Hall

An Internship Reflection By Bella Privitera ‘26 

I am grateful to have spent this summer interning at the First Judicial District (“FJD”) of Pennsylvania, serving as an undergraduate judicial intern for the Honorable Angelo Foglietta in the Court of Common Pleas. This internship took place from J
une 1st to August 23rd in City Hall, the heart and center of Philadelphia, and was such an enlightening and beneficial way to spend my summer! 

I have spent the last several months working in Judge Foglietta’s courtroom reviewing complaints, petitions, and motions; researching statutes, court rulings, and other necessary documents before oral arguments; attending civil cases to gain a more in-depth understanding of the legal system; and more.

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this opportunity possible, starting with the FJD Summer Intern Program Committee. Specifically, I want to thank Judges Michele Hangley and Jennifer Schultz for leading the program and allowing people, such as myself, to have such a remarkable experience. I also want to thank the entire staff in Judge Foglietta’s chambers for welcoming me, treating me as an equal, and making my time so valuable: 

Kathy, Judge Keogh’s secretary, a kind face who always managed to uplift the room with positivity; John Rama, a Temple University law student who worked tremendously hard and was a great assistance to me all summer; Pasquale, Judge Foglietta’s court officer, who possessed a uniquely humorous and down-to-earth demeanor, and allowed me the chance to observe the jury selection process first-hand; Raquel Silano, Judge Foglietta’s law clerk, a supremely intelligent individual and real-life encyclopedia, who aided in my development this summer by always providing me with an assignment or task; and last but certainly not least, Judge Foglietta, a profoundly wise and incredibly thoughtful mentor, who graciously took an interest in me, and guided me throughout this entire internship with an abundance of grace and generosity.

Working at the FJD this summer, I have also been extremely fortunate to interact with extremely powerful and influential female leaders in the Philadelphia legal world, and intend on following in their footsteps, embarking on my own journey as a female leader through the Women’s Leadership Initiative (“WLI”). Overall, I had an incredible time interning this summer and look forward to applying these lessons and experiences to my time at Saint Joseph’s University, specifically WLI as co-president this year!