Meet Women’s Leadership Initiative Co-President Maddie DeMarco! Maddie is a rising junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Autism and Behavioral Studies. As co-president, Maddie facilitates and organizes WLI’s executive board meetings and is responsible for overseeing WLI events and meetings. Maddie is passionate about women’s rights, climate change, food insecurity in Philadelphia, and criminal justice reform, and she hopes to attend law school and become a civil rights lawyer after graduation.

Maddie learned about WLI when she was a senior in high school after attending an admitted students day at St. Joe’s, joining the organization her freshman year. When asked to describe WLI, Maddie said, “WLI is a safe space on campus for women to learn professional development skills as well as be immersed in topics of social justice, to build tools for your future. Joining WLI will offer you new perspectives, teach you about what is going on in the world and give you the tools you need to succeed post-grad.”

Her favorite WLI memory is the screening of the documentary Dolores this past January. Maddie said, “I loved it because I was able to learn a lot about the labor unions and Dolores Huerta, but it was also equally as rewarding to see how many people came and engaged in meaningful conversations afterwards.” 

Outside of WLI, Maddie works as a SCHOLAR at the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support. She also serves as the student liaison for the Women’s Center and is currently working on the 2020 Focus on Women Film Series. This summer Maddie is teaching swim lessons and babysitting full time.


About the Author:

Christine DiSanti, Class of 2021
I work as a member of the Communications Team for WLI. I create promotional materials using Canva, distribute flyers throughout SJU’s campus, write and publish blog posts, and help manage WLI’s Instagram stories.