Meet Senior Lauren Preski! Lauren is currently the Co-President of Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI). She is originally from Philadelphia, PA. Outside of WLI she has also participated in SJU’s Global Smarts Program as a mentor for students of AMY 5 at James Martin. Additionally, Lauren serves as a tutor for HIS 154 and POL 117 classes and as a student liaison for the University’s Women’s Center.

Lauren first heard of WLI during her freshman year from various Faculty Advisors, in the Political Science Department. Lauren loves WLI because it “encourages the professional development of young women and fosters an inclusive environment that promotes gender parity.” She believes that “every woman on campus should experience the chance to grow both professionally and personally with WLI.” Lauren’s favorite WLI event is our annual Professional Development Day because “it has been an invaluable experience that will push me to be ambitious throughout my entire life.”

Lauren is a Political Science Major with a Philosophy Minor. She has a passion for women’s health, domestic violence and sexual assault awareness and prevention. Lauren hopes to one day attend law school, and work for the government for the public good.


About the Author:

Elaina Wall, Class of 2021
I am a member of the Communications Team for WLI. I write blog posts, manage WLI’s Snapchat account, and develop designs for various materials for WLI’s annual Professional Development Day.